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Where Are the Best Drug Rehab Centers?

Where Are the Best Drug Rehab Centers?

The best addiction treatment centers are located in California. Find out why it’s a perfect recovery destination with our blog!

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May 24, 2022

Due to a large number of mental health and addiction recovery treatment centers across the United States, it can be overwhelming to narrow down where you or your loved one should go to receive treatment. If you are willing to travel or live local to the west, the west coast is a great option.

California in particular is associated with several positive factors that make it an ideal location for treatment and recovery. 

What Makes California A Great Place For Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery?

California is home to some of the most respected and effective treatment centers in the country, along with specialized programs and the newest innovative, evidence-based therapies. The state provides a warm welcome to anyone visiting with its sunny and comfortable weather.

Southern California in particular is a great place to stage different experiential and holistic therapies, essential parts of effective addiction recovery. Receiving drug rehab treatment in California can have a massive impact on your long-term recovery.

The Impact of California Weather on Recovery

When it comes to weather, California is often recognized for being the best in the United States. Nearly all of California has a Mediterranean-like climate accompanied by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The daily average temperature is around 70 F, although peak summer can spike up to 80 F or more. Winters rarely bring about freezing temperatures, with the average winter temperatures remaining between 50 to 60 F, though the climate does tend to grow colder the further north you go.  

California is a sunny state that experiences very little rain. The warm, dry air does not normally produce clouds, making most of the state known for its clear skies and fair weather. Warm weather is known for fostering greater optimism and creativity, especially for those in recovery. It also encourages people to engage in activities outside all year round. 

People looking to achieve and maintain long-term recovery from substance use and other mental health distress often find weather can have a profound impact on their recovery. Repeated substance use and addiction can negatively impact your serotonin transmitters, responsible for stabilizing mood, producing feelings of well-being, regulating anxiety, and controlling sleep. Sunshine can help balance your serotonin transmitters as you heal your mind and body from substance use. 

The Impact of California on One's Treatment Experience

Next to the weather, the state of California has unique terrain that can help a person recover from drug and alcohol addiction. From mountains to beaches, California has a wide range of terrain that makes holistic, nature, and adventure therapy options readily available for those in treatment and recovery. Unlike other states, you can hike a mountain trail and surf at the beach on the same day. 

Some mountain ranges to consider exploring include the Sierra Nevada range, which runs along California's eastern border, along with the Tehachapi mountains, located in Southern California. There are also several famous valleys, deserts, basins, and plateaus throughout the state, which make for a unique mix of terrain for therapy and sober hobbies.

Experiential therapies and activities are an important part of the treatment and recovery process. These therapies allow people to use real-life experiences in combination with skills developed during treatment to reintroduce joy and contentment back into life.

There are several different types of experiential therapies you may experience as you receive treatment in California. Some examples of exciting places to visit and unique things to do in the state include:

  • Rock climbing

  • Attending local parks and reserves

  • Exploring Disney's Main St. USA or Universal Studios

  • Practicing yoga on the beach shore

  • Going surfing, paddle boarding, cycling, or hiking

  • Experiencing Joshua Tree

  • Navigating through Hollywood Hills

  • Playing volleyball

  • Attending a Dodgers game

The Impact of California Support Groups on Recovery

Another factor that may set California apart from other states as a leading location for rehab is the numerous support groups available throughout the state. Support groups allow you to converse with other peers that may be going through a similar situation as you are. Support groups are known to reduce substance use, improve engagement with treatment, reduce other unhealthy or risky behaviors, and overall improve substance-related treatment outcomes. 

California is home to many support groups located both within treatment centers and throughout other community organizations. There are addiction support groups, 12-Step meetings, family meetings, religious groups, and other specialized mental health groups that meet nearly every day across the state of California.

More Reasons Why California Is Your Ideal Recovery Destination

Self-improvement is a way of life in the state, which makes it a valuable location to receive treatment. 

When you complete a treatment program in California, you may not be ready to leave. If you feel compelled to stay in the area or need more assistance with your sobriety, California is also home to a vast assortment of sober living homes. Sober living houses are a great step between leaving treatment and returning to your everyday life. There is a sober home available for everyone, regardless of their financial status or background.

It's not always easy to find your recovery destination. The Edge Treatment Center is one of the leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers in the country. Our treatment facility is built upon foundations of trust, safety, and community, which are essential to the recovery process. We believe in the use of experiential therapies to help individuals achieve long-term recovery and find contentment in their daily lives … and we think this process should be fun, too!

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