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Sober Living

For many, going home during or after rehab is tough. It often means facing addiction triggers, temptations, and harmful social networks which can undo the hard work done in drug and alcohol rehab.

Sober living homes give those in recovery more than just independence – being part of a community dedicated to the same goal has distinct advantages for someone in (or just out of) drug and alcohol rehab:

Sober Living

Positive Relationships

One of the major side effects of substance abuse is loneliness. In a sober living home, you will develop new, healthy relationships … and mend existing relationships worth keeping.

Building Life Skills

A sober living home is a great place to rebuild life skills, get finances back on track, and maintain a home environment on a small scale. It’s also a chance to develop a sober network you can rely on for help, understanding, and friendship.

Help On Demand

Sober homes are staffed with managers who genuinely understand what recovery life is like – many are in recovery themselves. They help residents manage cravings, solve disagreements, hold everyone to personal accountability, and offer useful advice.

Relapse Prevention

In a sober living home, there’s no alcohol or drugs. Combined with residents’ accountability and the presence of an in-house manager, a sober living home provides a safeguard against relapse.

Sober Homes in Southern California

Southern California is home to perhaps the nation’s largest established network of sober living homes. It’s also home to a vast recovery community, with support groups and other resources for every recovering person’s needs. The Edge works with many of Orange County’s best sober home providers.

Have a pet? We can help you find a place both of you can call home. Prefer your room? We’ll work with you to find a sober home that gives you the space you’re looking for. We’ll match you with a sober home suited to your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

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