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Why Is Long-Term Outpatient Rehab the Ideal Choice?

Long-term outpatient care is the best way to make sure recovery is successful. Learn more about why long-term care works so well in our blog!

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June 21, 2022

There are many forms of alcohol and drug rehab available. Deciding which treatment program is best for you or your loved one should be one of the more straightforward steps in the recovery journey.

At The Edge Treatment Center, we understand the importance of educating yourself on current substance use disorder (SUD) recovery issues to best help yourself or someone you care about. 

What Is Long-Term Outpatient Rehab? 

Long-term outpatient drug rehab usually lasts about three months or more, depending on the client and how their recovery is progressing. Outpatient programs can either be stand-alone treatments or can serve as a transition from an inpatient program. Most of the time, outpatient care programs include group therapy, as well as education about relapse prevention, maintaining healthy relationships, and independent living. 

One other main goal of outpatient drug rehab is to allow the client to choose when and how long they want to continue treatment. Having this freedom allows the person to go back to school, continue working, and take care of other life responsibilities. 

Outpatient rehab also allows the client to live at home during treatment, which means getting more support from their family members and friends. Having this support and being in a familiar environment can help make the recovery process more successful for some.

Who Benefits From Outpatient Programs? 

Since outpatient programs are much more flexible, the people who benefit the most are individuals with jobs, school, or children at home. This is because clients are able to choose what day and time they participate in treatment sessions, according to their schedule.

Clients who have a less severe SUD or who have already been through an inpatient program can also benefit. 

Is an Inpatient Program a Better Choice? 

While certain clients can benefit from outpatient programs, some will have a higher recovery success rate in an inpatient treatment program. If you or a loved one has a more severe SUD, a more restrictive and monitored program – at least during the beginning stages of one's recovery – will be more beneficial.

Additionally, if your loved one is on the fence about treatment or does not want to go at all, an outpatient would not work because of the necessary self-motivation.

How Does Inpatient Differ From Outpatient Treatment?  

Inpatient drug rehab treatment, also known as "residential," involves clients living on-site at a treatment facility. Clients receive 24-hour medical observation, specifically to help with any withdrawal symptoms during drug detox, and mental health support is available from doctors, therapists, and other professional staff.

One major difference between inpatient and outpatient programs is that with the former, clients don't have the same amount of social support. This is because, with inpatient programs, clients live at the rehab facility instead of at home. 

The Benefits of Long-Term Outpatient Programs

There are many benefits to outpatient programs to treat SUD because of the freedom and flexibility allowed with these programs. Some benefits of these programs include: 

  • The cost is usually lower than in inpatient programs

  • There are many different forms of counseling available

  • These treatment programs typically start out more intensive, then transition to a less intensive program 

  • Being able to stay at home in a familiar environment with social support from family and friends

Types of Therapy Available in Outpatient Programs 

A significant benefit of participating in an outpatient program is that many different forms of therapy are available. With this type of program, individuals can choose between available days and times for participating in group and individual counseling sessions. Outside responsibilities don't have to be affected by such a program. 

Types of therapy offered at outpatient programs include: 

  • Group therapy: This form of therapy is very beneficial for clients struggling with SUD. This is because there are others around you experiencing similar situations, which can help you or a loved one learn how to navigate social situations without the use of drugs or alcohol.  

  • Individual therapy: During these sessions, the client will meet with a counselor and discuss coping strategies, additional support structures, and other issues related to their recovery. The counselor will also give constructive feedback to make sure that the client receives input related to their thoughts. 

Which Is More Beneficial: Outpatient or Inpatient? 

Both inpatient and long-term outpatient programs are beneficial for recovering from SUD. While outpatient programs may be ideal for certain individuals because of their flexible nature, inpatient programs may be more adept at providing the required level of care a person needs to recover.

Which type of program will work for you or your loved one depends on the individual's circumstances and the severity of SUD.

The Edge Treatment Center Is the Nation’s Leading Long-Term Outpatient Care Drug Rehab

At The Edge Treatment Center, we understand every individual is different.

This is why we provide many different types of treatment, such as long-term outpatient care. If you feel that treatment is unattainable because of your current schedule, long-term outpatient treatment may be for you. This type of treatment specifically works with you and your current schedule to ensure you can do both.

We also believe in providing education on living your best life through meaningful relationships and connections. Our outpatient program is about recovery from SUD as well as finding yourself and enjoying the process. Don't hesitate to recover and live your best life – contact The Edge Treatment Center today.

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