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Types of Xanax Bars: What to Look For

What Are the Different Types of Xanax Bars?

Do you know the various types of Xanax bars? Different strengths and types of Xanax come in different shapes. Learn more about Xanax bars and abuse.

It is estimated that nearly 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety, but about 37% of them get treatment.

This is due to several factors.

Anxiety can be easily misunderstood as any other psychological condition or natural fallout due to a period of trauma or struggle. However, the statistics don’t highlight the fact that anxiety is a big contributor to making someone vulnerable to substance abuse and falling prey to other psychiatric disorders.

It is somewhat surprising that despite the limited awareness about anxiety disorders and addiction, some of the most commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medications like Xanax have become popularly abused prescription drugs. Abuse of medications used in mental wellness and pain relief is often sought by people who want to experience the effects of these drugs.

Xanax is one such medication and the term ‘Xanax bars’ has become rather common. Read on to find out more about Xanax, the meaning of differently colored Xanax bars, and why it is important to spot fake Xanax.

Introduction to Xanax as a Prescription Medication

Xanax (Alprazolam) is among the most commonly abused prescription medication. A perfect example of highly abused benzodiazepines, this medication has been conventionally used in the mental healthcare niche, and it first gained mainstream acceptance during the 1970s. Xanax is primarily known as an anti-anxiety medication, and yes, it can help people who tend to have anxiety disorders or a history of panic attacks.

Xanax is actually the brand name for the generic drug, alprazolam. While alprazolam has been effectively used to treat anxiety symptoms, it is also used as a sleeping medication and is also highly abused. Due to the largely sedative effects of alprazolam and its fast effects, Xanax presents a high risk of being misused as a recreational drug. The calming effects that seem helpful in cases where the person has a history of anxiety become a problem when someone starts abusing Xanax, seeking sedative effects without a prescription or a medical requirement.

Due to its high potential for being abused, Alprazolam cannot be sold without a valid prescription. If you are a parent, and you are worried about if someone in the family is abusing a drug, you need to know about what Xanax looks like—this is why knowing about Xanax bars is important. 

Introduction to Xanax Addiction

With millions of prescriptions written each year for Alprazolam, unwarranted access to this anxiety medication can be easy in some healthcare settings and homes where Xanax is used regularly. Almost as addictive as other benzodiazepines like Klonopin or Valium, Xanax is often referred to as Xanax bars also. The medication comes in many colors and shapes.

The action of Xanax is like that of other benzodiazepines, through which it becomes a habit-forming drug. Xanax bars tend to boost the potency of GABA, a neurotransmitter. This neurotransmitter is associated with slowing down the functioning of neurons, sedating the mind. The suppressed neural activity can help someone with anxiety, as the person can relax.

While a bit of drowsiness and scattered thoughts are some common symptoms associated with Xanax bars, a person abusing Xanax in high doses might suffer from excessive sleepiness, and quickly the symptoms of Xanax overdosing can lead to dangerously slow breathing rate and convulsions.

A Guide to Xanax Bars
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Xanax Bars: A Quick Guide

A Xanax bar is perhaps the more popular form of alprazolam pills easily available at a pharmacy. On the street too, Xanax bars procured via illicit means tend to grab attention due to the unique appearance and the range of colors in which this prescription drug is available. So, you can expect Xanax bars to be available on the street as an abused substance and at a neighborhood pharmacy. Xanax bars are further classified according to the strength of each bar or pill.

Some of the more popular Xanax bars include the following:

  • Blue oval 

  • Four-sided yellow 

  • White rectangle 

  • Green Xanax 

  • Blue round 

  • Oval orange 

  • Oval white 

  • Round peach 

  • Red bar: Warning, these are counterfeit and should never be taken

A mental health practitioner can easily explain why the Xanax pill is often referred to as a bar. The perfectly shaped tablets are a bit long and thin, resembling small candy bars. Xanax bars usually come in a 2-mg dosage, and this is a high-strength bar that is not even commonly prescribed. Anyone referring to a bar of Xanax is referring to a high dosage, irrespective of whether it is a conventional Xanax pill or an extended-release formula.

Each Xanax bar has small demarcations that represent four smaller sections. This is handy for people who are on Xanax, as it helps them break the bar easily, ensuring that at no point, the person accidentally overdoses on Xanax.

What Is a Xanax Bar?

A Xanax bar is a high-strength Alprazolam pill that is not meant for everyone who has been prescribed the medication. People who tend to abuse Alprazolam prefer these bars because the high-strength formula helps to create the sedative effect much more quickly. The use of Xanax bars is also about saving a bit of money and managing the dosage. For instance, a bar with three sections to easily break off means the user can control the measured dose easily, and buying a bar means saving some money as pills with a precise dose can be marginally more expensive.

Bars might be preferred over purchasing pills because of another reason—with every bar packing in more medication, there is a lesser need to frequently get the pharmacy refills or pack more strips in the travel bag or purse. However, Xanax bars come with controversy. They should have the characteristic appearance that regular users of the medication and a physician can spot at one glance. However, there is a problem with the nuisance of fake Xanax bars. The shape of the cheaper and illegal Xanax bars can be slightly different. The “bar” in Xanax bars has also gained a bit of notoriety because of the mass level of Xanax abuse, being increasingly peddled as a street drug.

Some common slang and street names for Xanax bars: 

  • Zanzibars

  • Zanies

  • Planks

  • Plankies

  • Zanbars

  • Xanbars

Understand the Meaning of Different Colors of Xanax Bars

Various pharmaceutical brands manufacture Alprazolam. A powerful drug with a close association with overdosing complications and high abuse probability, alprazolam is sold in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes under different brand names. In the pharma manufacturing domain, it is understood that each brand wishes their pills for the same salt to stand apart and look different with a characteristic appearance. However, the type of colors approved for alprazolam pills is not just about getting creative.

The FDA often mandates color as this agency tries to control the type of colorants being used in the manufacturing of medicines. Xanax bars do a wonderful job of looking different from other alprazolam formulations. The list of Xanax bars variations available include:

White Xanax Bar / Pill

Strength: Xanax 2Mg
What is White Xanax?

Commonly called sticks, these rectangular Xanax bars are found easily, and the 2 mg strength is regularly sought by people who medically use the medication and those who are addicted to it. Marked with scores, this Xanax bar is easy to split into smaller dosing portions. Anyone addicted to white Xanax talking about going cold turkey signals a high risk because suddenly stopping using this medicine can lead to dangerous withdrawal symptoms at this dosage level.

White Xanax pills could be oval and round apart from the regular, rectangular form. White Xanax might also be sold in a lower strength of just 0.25 mg which is often preferred for people just starting their Xanax dosing or those who have been put on a maintenance dosage.

Keep in mind that counterfeit pills are why Xanax abuse can be lethal. There are white Xanax bars available on the street which contain fentanyl.

Purple Xanax Bar / Pill

Strength: Xanax 2Mg
What is Purple Xanax?

Pfizer manufactures purple Xanax, and this bar comes in a 2 mg strength. If this alprazolam bar is prescribed for anxiety disorders, it is most likely to be repeatedly split since the prescribed dosage range is usually between 0.25 and 0.5 mg. Purple Xanax or any Xanax formula should be kept away from pregnant women or those diagnosed with glaucoma because Xanax is contradicted in such people. Similarly, if someone has allergies to benzodiazepines, ensure you share the history of the drug’s reaction with the prescribing physician.

Green Xanax Bar / Pill

Strength: Xanax 3Mg
What is Green Xanax?

Green Xanax bars are perhaps among the more popular forms of Xanax bars. Please note that the color green does not indicate more potency. The strength of green Xanax bars can be the same as white or yellow Xanax bars. Usually, green-colored Xanax bars come in 2 mg strength. For people who need a very high dose of Alprazolam, a dose of 2 mg is a high dose and that is why taking green Xanax Bars without medical supervision or recommendation can be dangerous.

Green Xanax pills are usually found in a rectangular form. Other size-related variations include oval, triangular, and rounded green Xanax bars. Some of the green bars might have a strength of up to 3 mg. In the oval shape, Xanax bars might be called soccer Xanax or football Xanax and here, the strength is usually 1 mg. This is why green Xanax bars might also be referred to as green ovals or green monsters.

A recent introduction is Hulk Xanax, a green Xanax bar with a slow-release formula. Even with slightly slower sedation effects, green Xanax bars are as likely to be abused. The triangular green Xanax pills come in a strength of 3 mg, and for easier understanding, it can be assumed that green Xanax pills are usually stronger than white Xanax bars. 

Yellow Xanax Bar / Pill

Strength: Xanax 1Mg
What is Yellow Xanax?

This type of Xanax pill is the more commonly available, generic Xanax. Often, it comes with a series of digits imprinted on it, such as 039. The pill strength in yellow Xanax is usually 2 mg, just like white-colored Xanax bars. The yellow shade can remind you about the school buses we see in our neighborhood, giving it the name "yellow bus."

Peach Xanax Bar / Pill

Strength: Xanax 0.5Mg
What is Peach Xanax?

Commonly referred to as orange Alprazolam, this is a low-dose formula that is usually a bit oval-shaped. Pfizer manufactures a few such orange-colored Alprazolam formulas in oval and elliptical shapes. Orange-colored Alprazolam usually comes in a 0.5 mg strength and is often prescribed for people who need a sustained dosage of Alprazolam for managing generalized anxiety disorder.

Blue Xanax Bar / Pill

Strength: Xanax 1Mg for Blue Oval; Xanax 2Mg for Blue Round
What is Blue Xanax?

1 mg of Alprazolam is commonly seen as blue Xanax pills. There are 2 mg blue bars also, but blue Xanax is more likely to come in the 1 mg strength. This means the user can easily split the pill into two, halving the dosage, and consuming a precise 0.5 mg dose every time. Some slightly rounded, blue-colored Xanax pill bars in 1 mg strength come with the number 031 R imprinted on them: this just indicates a code used by the manufacturer and has nothing to do with the potency or strength of the medication.

The blue color is often not due to the colorant used but due to some inactive ingredients or fillers that render a blue hue to the formulation. 

Pink Bar / Pill

Strength: Xanax 3Mg
What is Pink Xanax?

This is a high-strength Xanax bar that usually comes in a strength of 3 mg. A pink Xanax comes with a high risk of substance abuse as a high dose is sought by people who want a quicker sedative effect. However, unlike other Xanax Bars, pink bars can be slightly rounded. In fact, some of them might be oval-shaped pills. These pink pills could be spherical too. This is not a very widely produced form of Xanax and pink alprazolam is meant strictly for physician prescriptions only.

People who have a severe benzodiazepine addiction might seek pink Xanax for its highly addictive and immediate sedative effect.

WARNING: Red Xanax

What is Red Xanax?

All red Xanax bars are fake. Bright red with "R666" stamped on one side, these counterfeit Xanax pills are often purchased online or on the dark web. They should always be avoided.

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Xanax Bar: Safety Tips for Xanax Use

Like any other medication, ensure that you take alprazolam only when prescribed and that too for the prescribed period only. If you miss a dose, don’t try to overcompensate; missing an occasional dose is not likely to bring about any serious Xanax side effects.

When using Xanax bars understand the difference between each. Ensure that you are taking the colored Xanax bar that has been recommended for your condition. You should know the prescribed Xanax strength and not overdose just because the medication does not seem to be really working. Like many other anxiolytics and mental care medications, Xanax can take some time to build up and deliver the desired results.

What Are the Side Effects of Xanax Bars?

When used properly, Xanax helps people manage anxiety and sleep disorders. However, even when Xanax bars are taken with a doctor's direction, they can still produce side effects. It's why people taking Xanax are often encouraged to avoid driving or operating machinery.

  • Side effects of Xanax bars include:

  • Drowsiness

  • Problems concentrating

  • Light-headedness and dizziness

  • Digestive issues

  • Changes in weight and appetite

  • Problems with sex drive

  • Mood swings

Some side effects of Xanax bars need immediate medical attention. If you experience any of these (or any of the other side effects listed under the "important warning" section on Xanax packaging) it's important to get emergency medical aid. These dangerous Xanax bar side effects include:

  • Problems with coordination and balance

  • Breathing problems

  • Difficulty speaking

  • Yellowish skin or eyes

  • Severe rashes

  • Seizures

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the side effects of Xanax bars are made infinitely worse by mixing Xanax bars with other drugs, particularly alcohol. Mixing Xanax and alcohol can be lethal.

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Symptoms of Xanax Overdose

Xanax overdose can be life-threatening and it is important to know the signs. The most common symptoms of a Xanax overdose include confusion, difficulty speaking, extreme drowsiness, slurred speech, slowed or shallow breathing, loss of coordination, fainting or coma. In severe cases, an individual may experience seizures or stop breathing altogether. If you believe someone has overdosed on Xanax, call 911 immediately for help.

It is also important to be aware of the effects that Xanax addiction can have on one’s health and well-being. Those who are addicted to this type of benzo will often display depression, irritability, fatigue, and poor concentration as well as physical symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

How Addictive Is Xanax?

Xanax is a highly addictive drug and can be dangerous if used improperly or abused. It has the potential to cause dependency, and even those who take it as prescribed may find themselves developing an addiction over time.

The reason Xanax is so addictive is that it works quickly to relieve anxiety and produce a calming effect. This can lead people to use the drug more frequently than prescribed, or take higher doses in order to achieve the desired effects.

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What Are the Signs of Xanax Addiction?

The signs of Xanax addiction are often subtle but can be spotted if you know what to look out for. Signs of addiction include an increased tolerance to the drug, changes in sleep patterns or appetite, difficulty functioning without it, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug.

  • Potential signs of Xanax addiction include:

  • Having to take more Xanax to feel the same effects

  • Having obsessive thoughts about Xanax

  • Spending time thinking about how to obtain more Xanax

  • Experiencing Xanax withdrawal symptoms when not taking Xanax

  • Getting into trouble at school and/or work due to Xanax use

  • Mixing Xanax with other drugs, such as alcohol

The Dangers of Counterfeit Xanax Bars

The only manner in which you are at risk of buying fake Xanax is if you try to obtain the drug illegally. At authorized pharmacies, you are more likely to get genuine Xanax only. At all times, seek help if you suspect that you have been handed fake Xanax. If you are tempted to purchase Alprazolam off the street, stop and think—this is how most people end up with fake Xanax. This is at par with buying narcotics where there are no promises about the quality of the substance on sale.

Remember this: Fentanyl has been found in counterfeit pills.

Don’t change from one type or color of the Xanax bar to the next just because the prescribed strength or form is not available. This creates a risk of disturbing the recommended dosage schedule. If your pharmacy asks you to wait out a couple of days, be patient to get Xanax in the right strength.

If you have been trying to wean off Xanax and want to detox, don’t return to using just about any type of Xanax bar to neutralize the severity of Xanax withdrawal symptoms. This is one of the worst possible ways to use the medication and it can create serious Xanax side effects that might take you to the ER.

Xanax Abuse Can Be Deadly. The Edge Treatment Center Will Help

If you or your loved one is finding it difficult to manage everyday life without using anti-anxiety medications like Xanax without a prescription, chances are that a Xanax bar addiction is already underway. There is no other way to handle this condition than abstaining from the prescription drug. Xanax addiction can quickly turn life-threatening. Benzo overdose is common in benzo addiction. However, stopping benzo use is not as easy as it might sound. Xanax withdrawal can be really demanding and managing it needs medical supervision.

Never try to detox from benzos on your own. The Edge Treatment Center will help you find a drug detox center where you can withdraw from benzos safely and comfortably. Our outpatient drug rehab will give you every tool and resource you need to build a life free from Xanax addiction.

Leave Xanax bars behind, permanently. Contact The Edge Treatment Center today to learn about our effective Xanax addiction program.

FAQ: Xanax Bars

How Long Does Xanax Take to Kick In?

Xanax typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes to take effect. For most, the effects last for 4-6 hours. The length of time it takes for Xanax to kick in can vary depending on a person’s body chemistry, metabolism, and any other medications they may be taking.

If taken with food, Xanax can also take longer to kick in as the food affects its absorption rate.

How Long Does a Bar of Xanax Last For?

Generally, a bar of Xanax can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. However, this time frame can vary depending on the individual’s metabolism and other factors such as their age, weight, and health status. The amount of Xanax taken as well as whether or not it is taken with food can also affect how long a bar of Xanax lasts.

It’s important to note that taking more than prescribed or mixing it with alcohol or other drugs can have serious side effects including overdose and even death. If you have any questions about the effects of Xanax, talk to your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

What Is the Strongest Mg Xanax Bar?

The strongest mg Xanax bar is the 3mg extended-release table. Like all other forms of Xanax, it's only available through prescription. This dose is considered to be a very high dosage and should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor. Taking more than prescribed or mixing it with alcohol or other drugs can have serious side effects including overdose and even death.

It’s also important to remember that Xanax has the potential for addiction, so it’s best to talk with your doctor about any concerns you may have before taking this medication.

This 3 mg Xanax tablet is shaped like a triangle and is green in color. It's important to remember that purchasing Xanax illegally from street dealers can be very risky -- many counterfeit Xanax pills contain Fentanyl, a lethally powerful synthetic opioid responsible for thousands of lethal overdoses.

Should I Take Xanax With Food?

This is a question that a doctor can answer best. Xanax can be taken with or without food, but some people find that Xanax can cause an upset stomach.

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