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Drug Detox Centers Near Hawthorne, CA

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Drug Detox Centers Near Hawthorne, CA

The city of Hawthorne is located near the LA International Airport, and it is well-connected to the main ports of Los Angeles as well as DTLA. Unfortunately, the city also shares the drug problem that is prevalent across Southern California.

This suburb of Los Angeles is troubled by rising cases of drug abuse -- a serious problem for the country where more than 16% of American adults use marijuana. There are some challenges typical to Hawthorne such as the higher-than-usual cost of living and comparatively lower incomes that can make people in Hawthorne a bit more susceptible to different types of addictions. The problem of substance abuse is rampant in California and when people want to seek treatment, they often face a dearth of information that can help them make well-informed choices.

For instance, someone searching for a good drug detox center in Hawthorne might be confused about the type of services to expect in a typical outpatient setting or the advantages of enrolling in a residential rehabilitation program. This is why people need to be familiar with the basics of addiction treatment which usually begins with a detox. A drug detox might be conducted at a detox facility, or it might be part of a treatment plan for substance abuse disorders. 

Read ahead to learn how to find a drug detox center near Hawthorne.

Exploring Drug Detox Centers Near Hawthorne

It is unfortunate that even after Hawthorne has a population lower than 100,000, USA Today ranked it among the 50 worst cities to live in the US. One of the main reasons behind this is the high rate of drug abuse across Hawthorne. Addiction is often said to be termed chronic, but it is still treatable.

However, in Hawthorne, despite the emergence of many community programs to educate people about substance abuse and offer help to those who are addicted, the statistics for substance abuse don’t seem to improve, year after year.

Clinically, drug addiction is often referred to as an addiction disorder. It can be treated in a medically supervised environment. Finding a good drug detox center near Hawthorne is not that challenging as various kinds of drug detox centers have been set up across this small city of California. Just like finding Hawthorne detox centers is not difficult, reaching out for help in order to live a drug-free life doesn’t have to be a struggle as well. After realizing the need for change, the first step should always be toward a rehabilitation center that is suitable for your needs.

Before jumping straight into exploring the best “drug detox near me” searches on Google, it is important to understand the different kinds of drug addiction treatment programs that will come up as options.

There are several types of drug detox programs. At an outpatient drug detox center, the patient is allowed to reside at their home with regular visits to the rehab facility. This means the leverage of continuing with daily activities, as a part of the family, like studying, completing an internship, or taking up a job. The outpatient program might require very few visits to the detox facility, like once a week or once every 10 days or so after completing the detox. This means lesser supervision on a daily basis.

The person can seek help for issues such as withdrawal symptoms not abating even after taking the prescription medication or for fighting away post-detox problems like depression or anxiety. The number of patient visits to the facility might be more upfront and then gradually reduce, often coming down to just one visit a week along with keeping in contact via the phone. During detoxification, each session might be of several hours, gradually taping to just about an hour, per visit. People admitted to this program don’t have life-threatening addiction problems. Please note that this is nothing like trying drug detox at home–an inpatient facility is managed by experienced, trained professionals

The exact opposite of outpatient programs is inpatient drug detox. In this, the patient has to reside inside a drug detox center to complete the treatment. The patient stay includes group sessions and interactions with people with a similar history of drug abuse. Inpatient drug detox ensures more supervision as the person is at the center for the entire duration of the treatment. The detoxification program can include sessions to boost mental health along with some types of physical activities and massages or alternative treatments. This does mean being away from the family for a few days but usually, family visits are also allowed to some extent as they form a part of the patient’s support system to get past a difficult time.

The big advantage is instant access to any medical treatment if the person develops any unexpected symptoms, such as reactions to withdrawal management medications. People admitted to an inpatient drug detox center need urgent and serious medical help to control addiction symptoms. Please note that some of the best detox centers in Hawthorne offer such an option.

What Is Drug Detox?

When an individual forms a habit of substance abuse, it gradually transforms into an addiction. The body of a drug user becomes physically dependent on that intoxicant. So, when someone wants to regain control over their body, there is a need for proper drug addiction treatment. The best drug detox centers near Hawthorne formulate a planned drug detoxification program.

Drug detox or drug detoxification is a process in which the foreign substance that is harming the body is safely removed. If you search for a good drug detox center, near me search results will guide you to treatment centers or clinics located close to your residence. It makes sense to call up each of these rehab centers and ask them about what makes up their typical drug detox program.

Below are some of the more commonly abused substances:

How Long Does Drug Detox Last?

The process of drug detox is complicated, and it can last anywhere between one week to even a month at a drug detox center. There is no fixed time as there is uncertainty while managing the withdrawal symptoms of a drug user. Even the duration of withdrawal is not fixed as it differs with the type of drugs.

Besides that, there is always a chance of relapse. Although one thing is always certain, if a drug detox program happens in a highly supervised and medically monitored drug detox center, the chance of relapse would be less, and controlling the withdrawal symptoms would be easier and much faster. This is not only due to the presence of highly trained staff but also the closely monitored environment of a drug detox center.

Drug detox should always be done at a drug detox center. If drug detox is not undertaken by a medically supervised staff, many things can go wrong. Most detox programs are expected to take a few days to remove the chemical toxins from the body, followed by close supervision to ensure there is no chance of relapsing or developing severe withdrawal symptoms that can impair everyday activities like driving a car or concentrating while reading.

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What Happens During Drug Detox?

The journey toward drug addiction recovery is not that hard if it's under the supervision and guidance of medically experienced staff at a drug detox center. It is a well-known fact that during the process of drug detoxification, experiencing withdrawal is inevitable. Handling and managing the symptoms of withdrawal is dependent upon the type of rehabilitation program chosen.

In most of the available drug detox center programs, evaluation of the patient is essential. This evaluation is medical in nature and covers both the physical and psychological attributes of the patients. To support addiction patients, medical experts also refer to the medical history of the substance user. This is also the time when the patient discusses the working of their detox program with the intake director. After the completion of the paperwork, the intense procedure of detoxification starts. 

Some steps involved in a successful drug addiction treatment:

  • Starts with a careful examination - mental and physical

  • Detoxification of the body

  • Monitoring for any withdrawal symptoms

  • Prescribing medicines that might continue even after drug detox

  • Evaluation/supervision to ensure there is no relapse

  • Suggesting behavioral counseling or other therapies for achieving sobriety and managing any co-occurring mental health challenges

How to Choose Drug Detox in Hawthorne

Many times, substance users think that they are still far away from an addiction and that they can manage the drug detox at home. It is common to hear stories of people using drug detox kits that claim to detoxify one’s body overnight. So, if you’re a substance abuser or if you know someone who wants to recover from their addiction habit, it is essential that you direct them to the best drug detox center rather than attempting to detox themselves.

There are high chances of potentially severe withdrawal symptoms that can only be managed by a good detox center in Hawthorne. You should never perform a cold turkey detox at home or recommend a DIY drug detox kit to someone–detox should be handled professionally and not at home.

While searching online for ‘drug detox near me in Google’ make sure that the filter for local search is on. Many good neighborhood rehab centers will come up in the search page results. Read through each of the mentioned drug detox centers. Make sure that you read all the reviews. Look out for the ratings as well. After selecting a few of the rehab centers, visit their official website and call them. 

Also, consider talking to a drug rehab. These treatment facilities are staffed by experts in addiction treatment, and they’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

When choosing a drug detox center near Hawthorne, keep a check on:

  • Cost of treatment

  • Availability of detox for the type of drug used

  • Type of program on offer - inpatient, outpatient, or residential

  • Acceptance of insurance coverage

  • Online reviews and ratings

  • Support during the post-detox phase 

Can I Afford Drug Detox in Hawthorne?

There are many affordable drug detox centers in Hawthorne. If you have a health insurance plan, check with your insurer whether it covers the treatment for drug detox and substance abuse treatment. If it does, don’t hesitate to ask about the policy coverage. You can also check the validity of insurance online for some popular plans. There are various websites that can inform you about your insurance support for covering rehabilitation costs. Besides, you also have various state-funded and partially funded rehab centers to consider.

There is also the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that covers addiction programs such as:

  • Medically supported detox

  • Residential inpatient programs

  • Monitored therapy and counseling sessions

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Detox in Hawthorne?

Most health insurance policies offer some degree of coverage for drug detox programs across the nation, including California and Hawthorne. Lately, addiction has been acknowledged as a major health condition, a chronic disease that needs drug detox, immediate care, and long-term care. The amount of coverage however varies according to the terms and conditions defined by the insurer. It is also dependent upon the type of treatment opted for by the patient.

Types of substance abuse that will be covered by most insurance plans:

So, plan your addiction treatment according to the insurance policies that you have. Inform your insurer about the kind of treatment you want and share the same details with your rehab admission counselor. Make sure you ask about:

  • Deductibles

  • Co-payments

  • Maximum coverage limit

  • Types of out-of-pocket expenses

What Happens After Drug Detox?

The process of drug detox is hard to standardize because when the patient's body is gradually cut off from a highly addictive drug, the body experiences various withdrawal effects. These effects vary from moderate to severe and they should strictly be managed by qualified medical professionals.

Various withdrawal effects that one might experience after or during the drug detox phase:

  • Exhaustion or fatigue

  • Delirium

  • High temperature

  • Seizure

  • Body chills

  • Depression

  • Nausea

Apart from facing withdrawal symptoms, many patients go through relapse. Relapse is the phase in recovery where a person returns to the previous state and stops maintaining their goal of sobriety. This can happen both during and after the treatment. Hence, monitoring patients is very necessary so they can stay on their path to recovery. Aftercare is just as important as the treatment itself. 

The post-detox phase of treatment typically includes:

  • Aftercare medicines

  • Behavior therapies

  • Group counseling sessions

  • Supervision or monitoring

Drug Detox Center Near Hawthorne

It is natural that people are drawn to a drug detox center near Hawthorne that is able to grab attention via online promotions and digital advertisements. However, you need to look closely to make the right choice. Every drug detox facility is not similarly skilled for handling cases involving decades of addiction. It takes a lot more expertise to provide detox and rehab for someone whose substance abuse patterns have lasted for years and there might even be a history of failed detox attempts in the recent past.

It is important that you choose a good drug detox center that offers a blend of the latest facilities, experienced staff, and plenty of clinical tools to create the best outcomes. Sometimes, just completing the detox program is not sufficient. The person needs more support as a drug-free experience means recreating a lifestyle. This is where the more established substance abuse treatment facilities can really help.

If you’re hunting for a drug detox center near Hawthorne, reach out to The Edge Treatment Center. Our team maintains close relationships with many of the USA’s leading drug detox centers, and we’ll be able to find a perfect match for you. Plus, when you’re ready to enter our long-term outpatient drug rehab, we’ll make sure you have every resource you need to leave substance abuse behind.

If you want to learn more about finding a drug detox center near Hawthorne, please contact The Edge Treatment Center today.

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