What to Bring With You to a Sober Living Home

What to Bring With You to a Sober Living Home…and What Not to Bring!

Learning what to bring and what not to bring to sober living can prepare you for this critical recovery step. Make your sober home move the right way!

Choosing to enter a sober living home is an essential step in recovery for many people. While some individuals may know what to expect from sober living, others may walk into the experience unsure. One way those recovering at a drug rehab can prepare themselves for sober living is by learning what they can and cannot bring with them to the residence..

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living homes provide continuing care after individuals have finished residential treatment. In sober living, residents stay in a supervised home. They share the goal of achieving full independence after completing treatment. By choosing a sober living home, individuals get the opportunity to integrate into everyday living without the use of substances while living in a safe environment.  

These houses differ from treatment facilities in that treatment facilities often provide a more intensive treatment experience and provide residents with less flexibility. Sober living residents are usually free to come and go as they wish as long as they follow specific guidelines.

Residents of sober living residences, for example, may be required to be home by a particular hour or to work during the day. Residents may also be subjected to drug testing regularly to ensure their continued sobriety.

  • Sober living is designed for people who:

  • Need more accountability in their recovery journey

  • Are stepping down from an intensive inpatient or starting an outpatient program

  • Need a more structured but independent home

Why Choose Sober Living?

Addiction is a complex disease, and recovery is a continuous commitment. Recovery doesn’t end after completing addiction treatment. Once individuals finish an inpatient treatment program, it can be challenging for many people to move right back into life, with all its responsibilities and potential triggers. Sober living can help with that transition. You’re free to work or go to school while also being held accountable for your recovery.

Sober living homes can also provide immense support for residents. You get to live with other like-minded individuals in recovery. These people can help keep you accountable in your journey. Many people develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships with their roommates, and these relationships can be essential for your ongoing mental health and recovery.

Preparing for Sober Living

Sober living homes often have specific guidelines and preparing for moving into a sober living will differ from residence to residence. If you are not entirely sure about the rules and regulations of a sober living residence, it is best to reach out to the facility and ask any questions you may have. 

The following are standard items most people bring to sober living:

#1. Clothing

When packing your clothing, it's essential to consider the weather and setting of the sober living home. For example, if the house has access to a pool and it’s summer, you may want to pack a bathing suit along with summer clothing. If it’s winter and you might get to go to the snow, or you will be in a setting with snow, you will most likely want to bring snow gear.

Laundry services are usually provided at sober living homes. Due to this, you may want to pack less clothing than you think you will need. However, your clothes will also most likely take up most of your packing space. It is essential to be sure you pack an amount of clothing appropriate to the length of your stay.

#2. Essentials

In a sober living home, you often have a wide range of freedom. Due to this, you want to ensure you bring items that you need for day-to-day living, including:

  • A small amount of cash – this may be used for bus fees or eating out

  • A debit/credit card

  • Your cell phone

  • A notebook or journal

  • Towels

  • Books

#3. Hygiene Items

It is important to pack your essential hygiene items. However, it's essential to remember you will most likely be sharing a bathroom with the other residents. As a result, there may be extra hygiene items you want to pack, such as shower shoes or a shower caddy. 

What Not to Bring to A Sober Living Home

Every sober living home will have a list of items that may not be brought into the house. Bringing in items that are not allowed can risk you getting kicked out of the sober living home. Before moving into sober living, it's crucial to check in with the sober living on their list of forbidden items, as the list may differ from residence to residence. 

However, common items that are not to be brought into a sober living house include:

  • Inappropriate clothing – items that reference drugs or alcohol

  • Expensive jewelry – sober living homes are not usually responsible for loss or theft 

  • Furniture 

  • Pornographic materials

  • Weapons, including guns, knives, and pepper spray

  • Any unauthorized medications, including steroids

  • Over the counter medications (including sleep medications) and Schedule II controlled substances

  • Pre-workout supplements containing high caffeine levels

  • Diet pills

Sober Living Is A Significant Decision

While some people are prepared for the next phase of their journey, others may feel unprepared to enter a sober living residence. The Edge Treatment Center is an outpatient drug rehab that can help you find your sober living solution. We partner with Southern California’s finest sober living providers to help you find a sober living home of your own.

To learn more, call The Edge Treatment Center today at (800) 778-1772.

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