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What Is Medication - Assisted Treatment?

What happens if a person in treatment can’t stop using drugs?

Usually, it means an endless cycle of entering programs, relapsing, and finding a new program. At The Edge Treatment Center, we take a different approach.

We see similarities between addiction and chronic diseases like diabetes: it’s something medication can help manage. That’s why we’re believers in medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT is a safe, effective way to help people achieve sustained recovery by using prescription medications.

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Medication - Assisted Treatment (MAT)

How does MAT help people recover from addiction?

MAT medications are administered in a controlled, clinical setting. With MAT, people replace the negative aspects of illicit drug use with the positive experiences of rehabilitation. Also known as drug replacement therapy, MAT helps people in several ways:

It provides easier management of withdrawal symptoms.

It eliminates the hazards of illicit drug use such as overdose, tainted drugs, and assault.

It reduces drug cravings.

What are some common MAT medications?

MAT medications come in many forms, from oral films to injections. Some of the more common MAT medications are:


Buprenorphine is an opioid painkiller that produces a much weaker sensation of euphoria when used. It also helps lessen withdrawal symptoms. It’s available in two forms:

  • Sublocade, a long-lasting injection

  • Subutex, a tablet form


Often prescribed under the brand names Vivitrol and ReVia, this MAT medication assists in drug and alcohol recovery by reducing sensations of euphoria and cravings. It’s available as a pill and as an injection.

MAT helps a person in recovery both reduce drug cravings, build up an increased deterrence from using substances. A person who might not be able to be sober for one day can enter a period of sustained recovery thanks to the use of MAT medicine.

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Why is MAT safe and effective?

Opioid drugs are incredibly powerful – the increasing overdose rates in the US are testimony to that. However, there are other reasons why opioid abuse is dangerous:

Tainted drugs

Opioid drugs are incredibly powerful – the increasing overdose rates in the US are testimony to that. However, there are other reasons why opioid abuse is dangerous:


Many street drugs are tainted with harmful additives and substances. Fentanyl, an extremely powerful and addictive opioid, frequently shows up in cocaine, counterfeit pills, and other drugs illicitly purchased on the street.


The dangers of needle sharing are well-known. Anyone injecting illicit drugs faces the risks of hepatitis C, HIV, and other bloodborne diseases.

MAT medications, on the other hand, are dispensed and used in a secure, clinical setting. A person on opioid maintenance receives their medication, takes it under the supervision of a clinician, and is monitored to make sure they’re not experiencing any side effects or other complications.

Plus, MAT is accompanied by a robust treatment plan aimed at addressing the roots of opioid addiction. Ultimately, MAT allows recovering people to work on their personal growth while being free of other distractions, cravings, withdrawal symptoms, or risks.