Does EMDR Work?

While there’s still some debate over EMDR, studies seem to show there are real benefits to the therapy – particularly in those with PTSD. A study funded by Kaiser Permanente found majorities of trauma patients in the study were no longer diagnosed with PTSD after multiple EMDR sessions. Meanwhile, an additional study showed over 75% of combat veterans managed to free themselves of PTSD after 12 EMDR sessions.

The EMDR Institute reports the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans affairs, the American Psychological Association, and the World Health Organization have all recommended EMDR as a treatment for trauma.

Studies from Kaiser Permanente and elsewhere show EMDR is particularly effective at treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Edge has multiple clinicians trained in EMDR, and it is one of our most popular therapies for resolving personal trauma.

Dealing with trauma during addiction treatment is a highly effective way to help people get and stay sober.

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