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Our Treatment Modalities

Experience has taught us the best results are achieved by evidence-based therapeutic methods while utilizing the latest advancements in cutting-edge addiction medicine. The treatment modalities we use reflect our holistic view of addiction care: we treat the entire person, not just their symptoms. Call us today and explore how we can help.

Call us today and explore how we can help.

Our Treatment Modalities

Treatment Methods

Here Are a Few of Our Modalities:


Addiction both leaves people at the mercy of their emotions and stops people from dealing with them. Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment modality which gives people ways to control the harmful behavior patterns fueling addiction....

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Experiential Therapies

People don’t stay sober by just talking about being sober. Fun, real-life experiences provided in a safe, supportive environment show people it’s still possible to enjoy life without addictive substances....

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Dual Diagnosis

Often left untreated, dual diagnosis is the combination of a mental disorder with a substance use disorder. Treating both is key to successful recovery. The Edge specializes in dual diagnosis care....

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What if treatment doesn’t work on its own? Safe and effective medications like Sublocade are used in medication-assisted therapy (MAT) to stop the endless cycle of failed treatment and allow people to achieve sustained recovery....

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There’s no single way to treat trauma. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidence-based and highly effective modality using lights, sound, and touch to help people move past their traumatic experiences into a healthy life....

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Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma often leaves people feeling perpetually unsafe and under attack. To create a space where the self, past traumatic experiences, and addictions could be explored safely, The Edge Treatment Center has developed a trauma-informed approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment....

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We’re Here to Help You Find Your Way

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, there is hope. Our team can guide you on your journey to recovery. Call us today.