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The 7 Steps to Choosing a Drug Rehab

The 7 Steps to Choosing a Drug Rehab

Choosing the right rehab center can be tough. Here are 7 steps you should walk through before making the choice. Learn more in our blog!

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August 3, 2022

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a drug rehab center.

This decision can be life-altering, as it can potentially make or break the success of your treatment. Each individual with substance use disorder (SUD) is unique, meaning their needs for treatment will be different. Not every rehab center will be a good fit for you or a loved one. Plus, trends in addiction treatment change often, too.

Below are seven steps for how you should approach finding the best drug rehab center and program for you or a loved one. 

#1. Meet With a Professional 

The first step in finding the right treatment center is to sit down with a physician or a professional within the SUD field. This includes a clinical social worker or a therapist who has experience and is licensed in addiction treatment.

This professional can perform evaluations to help identify your needs and match you with the best center for those needs. For instance, you or a loved one may have a co-occurring mental health condition along with SUD. If this is the case then you or the loved one need a facility that provides dual-diagnosis treatment

#2. Research Your Top Centers

Once you have met with a professional and discussed your needs and how to meet them, you can start researching specific treatment centers.

This can start with a simple Google search and clicking through various facilities' websites to see what you like and what might be a good fit. To get even more detailed information, you can call centers and speak with their clinical staff. The Edge Treatment Center's clinical staff is always available to speak with you about whether we are a good fit for you or a loved one. 

While doing your research, look at reviews of the center as well. See if you can find news articles about the center as well. Reviews and news stories about a given facility can be more telling than anything the website or staff have to say.

Sometimes the website may look good, and the program sound appealing, but you can tell by the reviews if a rehab center has good retention and success rates. 

#3. Look Into Accreditations 

All good rehab centers will be accredited by the Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Check that the facilities you are considering are accredited by one of these non-profit organizations. Facilities will have state licenses, but that doesn't always ensure that they adhere to the best practices, which is where accreditation comes in. 

#4. Check if the Center Has a Multi-Disciplinary Team

Providing holistic treatments for the mind, body, and soul can make or break your treatment success. This requires a multi-disciplinary team (MDT), meaning the center has clinicians who practice a range of treatments and modalities. It is also important that each staff member be licensed within their discipline. Each team will look different, but most usually consist of these members, among others: 

  • Medical doctor 

  • Clinical social worker 

  • Therapist 

  • Nutritionist 

  • Wellness coach 

Having an MDT allows for more individualized treatment plans that focus on more than just the addiction itself. Providing support in all of these areas will help you or your loved one receive the best, most effective treatment possible. 

#5. Check if They Accept Your Insurance 

Since drug rehab can be pricey, especially depending on the location and the services provided, ensure they are in-network for your insurance. In-network facilities are preferable, as your insurance helps cover the costs.

Every insurance plan varies, so be aware of whether you will need to pay a copay or meet a deductible before insurance kicks in. It is critical to complete this step so you can understand where you stand financially with your journey toward recovery.  

#6. Utilize Recovery Support 

Post-treatment support is essential for long-term recovery. This form of support varies between facilities but may consist of virtual therapy, group counseling, and other resources once treatment is over. Speak with someone from the clinical staff at the centers you are interested in and ask them about their post-treatment support. 

#7. Visit the Facility 

Lastly, visit the facility you are thinking of attending. Just like looking for a house or enrolling in college, you want to see where you will be going and really understand the place before you commit. This is a very important step because you could potentially feel one way about the facility based on the photos and videos online but seeing it in person might completely change your mind.

When you visit, check for things like location, amenities, and clinical and living spaces. You should feel safe in the location and, depending on your needs and wants, be in proximity to places you might want to get to. If having a gym onsite or the ability to bring an emotional support animal is important to you, make sure the facility supports those things.

Check that living spaces are clean and relaxing and that the clinical spaces are ones where you will feel comfortable sharing without fear of being overheard or judged.

The Edge Treatment Center Is a Leading Outpatient Drug Rehab

Choosing a rehab center can be overwhelming because of the vast number of options available to you. Remember that while there may be many options, not all of them will be the right fit for you. Every individual's treatment needs are unique, and the center you choose should reflect that. Ultimately, drug rehab is the best possible choice, especially when you consider the alternatives.

Here at The Edge Treatment Center, we understand everyone has different needs to be met. Our clinical staff is always around to help you identify your personal needs and to see if we are the right fit for you. We believe that recovery is a team effort.

The Edge Treatment Center is the right place for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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