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Cutting Edge Drug Treatment: What Makes Us Different

What Makes The Edge Different?

Southern California offers a unique opportunity for treatment and recovery from addiction when combined with our cutting-edge addiction medicine.

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Drug and Alcohol

Addiction Recovery

March 18, 2022

Suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a difficult ordeal and finding the right path to sobriety for your unique circumstance is essential to create the most effective transformations. Taking the first step into a drug treatment center is paramount for tackling substance use disorder.

Not all treatment facilities are the same and finding the right one can be a difficult task. At The Edge Treatment Center, we embrace various paths to success and help you not only quell the urge to use drugs and alcohol but also tailor a unique path for you so you can explore your goals beyond addiction for a healthy life ahead. 

Seeing Recovery Through

Recovery is a long process that comes with many steps, and while there are facilities that specialize in a particular phase of treatment, such as detox, residential, or outpatient care, we can help you through all of these phases. By offering a space with a range of care for continuity in your journey, we can eliminate unnecessary change or stressors while allowing crucial relationships to develop.

Consistency is valuable throughout recovery. Having consistent, effective care for everything from detox to outpatient care allows you to be a part of a healthy and productive culture throughout all phases of your treatment. This also gives you the opportunity to shape the culture and atmosphere along the way.

An Array of Treatment Options

The Edge Treatment Center is aptly named, priding ourselves on always being on the edge of new and developing addiction treatment options. Experiential therapies and our large array of treatment modalities allow us to personalize your recovery program.

Not all treatments work for all individuals, and some may see more benefits from certain activities than others. It is normal to respond to treatments differently than your peers. By embracing a wide range of options and approaches to addiction recovery, you can find a program that best addresses your unique situation and communication styles for the most profound sober transformations. 

We are always on the cusp of new developments to further personalize your recovery journey. This allows us to provide the most effective and rounded approach to your needs as you recover from substance use disorder.

Creating a Community Inside and Outside Our Walls

Our home of Southern California is home to many people who understand and support the addiction recovery process, as many have lived through the difficulties of addiction and recovery themselves. The Edge Treatment Center embraces this atmosphere of understanding and community both inside and outside of our facility.

With regular excursions for experiential programming and a supportive community and culture unique to our SoCal location, you are encouraged to integrate yourself into new cultural experiences with acceptance and pride. 

Finding Yourself Beyond Addiction

Recovery from an addiction to drugs is about more than learning to quell the urge to engage with destructive substances. We embrace recovery as a wholly transformative effort with the mission to help find yourself, your interests, and set new life goals far beyond overcoming drug or alcohol abuse.

By helping you explore new interests and hobbies, you can halt destructive habits and replace them with recovery-supportive activities, helping you to shape your life for the future. 

Embracing Fun in Treatment

Treatment and recovery from drug addiction is a difficult process, and you may harbor many negative perceptions of yourself because of past mistakes. Depression, anxiety, guilt, and shame are all common and debilitating. These emotions make it incredibly difficult to take pride in yourself or embrace the good times in your life.

At The Edge Treatment Center, we champion the idea that fun plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Finding reasons to be happy is a transformative experience on its own and allowing yourself to feel joy is an essential part of recovery. 

We believe experiences like excursions to skateparks, aquatic activities, parachuting, ziplines, paintball, and holiday parties are important elements for whole-body, transformative recovery. Embracing enjoyment in your life is crucial to finding yourself and establishing a healthy mindset for the future to come. 

Being a Part of the Team

Addiction can be a very isolating experience. Therefore, it is important to remember that this is not something that you ever have to tackle alone. Being a part of a truly transformative team can make a huge difference. Professionals and peers alike act as partners to help you find the truths and strength within yourself to trust in yourself and others along the way.

Establishing trust allows you to push your boundaries and explore everything you can be. 

Being an active member of your own recovery, while also acting as a peer for others, establishes the most effective, important relationships for sustained sobriety. This extends from detox to residential treatment, outpatient care, and beyond. 

Treatment & Recovery Are Always Evolving

Being on the cusp of all new developments allows us at The Edge Treatment Center to continue differentiating ourselves and provide the most informed, effective care. We are prepared to personalize a program for you today. If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction and are ready to take the first step toward a healthier future, call The Edge Treatment Center at (800) 778-1772 to speak to one of our caring, highly trained staff members today.

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