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Can You Work or Go to School While in Drug Rehab?

Can You Work or Go to School While in Drug Rehab?

Finding out if you can attend work or school while in drug treatment might be important to you and your recovery. Learn about our flexible programs.

It is fairly normal to want to work or go to school while in drug rehab. You may have a strong desire to achieve success after leaving treatment. Before jumping into work or school, considering your alternatives or options can help you maintain your sober commitment. You may wonder if you can work or go to school while in drug rehab.

So, can you?

Working and Going to School While in Drug Rehab

You have taken a serious step to improve the quality of your life by choosing to enter into substance use treatment. Perhaps you have put your career or educational goals on hold to find complete healing. Therefore, returning to your previous lifestyle may seem intimidating at first. Fortunately, there is a way you can implement your work and school while you continue your recovery goals.

The first thing to be aware of is that your needs need to be attended to at all times. Your recovery plan will be specifically created to open up opportunities to continue to work or go back to school with the resources and support you need. Your personal needs require attention at the same time. If you are not paying attention to your individual needs, old habits will reenter your new lifestyle.

When and if you choose to go to work or go to school while in drug rehab, ensure your new lifestyle choices can meet the needs of your treatment plan. To do this, consider implementing post-treatment options by contacting your school's counselors and healthcare provider and sharing the information confidentially.

At first, it may seem nerve-wracking, but most work and school environments will have someone you can talk to about your recovery plans. The next step you can consider is to establish a healthy routine and build up your support network so you can continue working and going to school while maintaining your treatment plans.

Ways You Can Work and Go to School While in Drug Rehab

Having a rewarding and successful career or influencing your educational skills can make all the difference in your life. There are various ways you can work and go to school while in rehab, and some are very beneficial and will help lead you to a successful career path. 

A few different ways you can explore working or going to school while in drug treatment are the various educational pathways. There are other certificate programs you can embark on to hone your skills while in treatment.

Some of these certificates are great for providing a foundation or a baseline for your future career. Another way you can work or go to school while in rehab is to consider the educational degrees and open your mind to alternative options to pursue a better job. 

You can quickly go back to school online or find a specific program to master your skills while you are in rehab. Some of these programs will give you access to the correct licenses and open up the door for job opportunities.

Rehab Recovery Specialists Work With You to Help You With Your Success

Most employers and universities have flexibility regarding recovery treatment that is exceptionally flexible. If you notify your employer or university that you are taking time off for recovery, the university or employer should know about the laws and policies to help protect you and your situation.

Since your health is a priority in rehab, staying connected with work and school during treatment can empower you to uphold your commitment even when you have outside obligations. Many universities and employers will allow you to work remotely or virtually while continuing your recovery journey.

You do not need to sacrifice your treatment experience because of outside obligations. Taking full advantage of the information and knowledge that recovery specialists have can help ensure your focus on your health and life decisions. 

If you want to work or go to school while in drug rehab, a sober living environment is a wise decision to consider. Sober living homes allow you to come and go freely as long as you uphold the house rules and regulations to maintain your recovery commitment.

There is freedom, stability, and structure within a sober living home. Having the means to regain your self-independence is established in this kind of environment.

You Can Work & Go To School In Recovery … But Recovery Must Come First

The Edge Treatment Center offers a unique, highly flexible approach to scheduling. At The Edge, you’ll be able to craft your own treatment plan to suit your needs. Many of our clients go to school, look for work, and continue in their careers while under our care.

Remember, though: your recovery must come first. Recovery isn’t a race, it’s a state of being you’ll achieve on your terms when you’re ready to. Contact The Edge Treatment Center today at (800) 778-1772 to learn more.

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