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8 Ball Cocaine: The Facts and Dangers

8 Ball Cocaine: The Facts and Dangers

An 8 ball of coke is an eighth of an ounce of cocaine. It may sound small, but it's enough to be deadly. Learn more about an 8 ball in our blog.

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March 1, 2023

An “8 ball” of cocaine is a small baggie of cocaine – roughly an eighth of an ounce. While that may not sound like much, it’s enough cocaine to cause an overdose, especially if it’s injected.

By the Numbers:

In 2021, about 1.7% (or about 4.8 million people) among ages 12 and older reported using cocaine in the past 12 months.

The problem of people becoming addicted to cocaine is a serious epidemic in the US and it continues to affect people from all age groups and communities. Every year, there are thousands of people are rushed to the ER due to cocaine overdose, and often information about drug abuse is often limited.

8 Ball Cocaine: Understanding Its Role in Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine has a long history of being one of the most widely used illicit substances in the world. It is a highly addictive drug, a potent stimulant that works by stimulating certain parts of the brain. This results in a neurological and chemical dependency on the drug. Cocaine addiction is a severe condition, and the drug exerts control over practically every aspect of the user’s life—physically and psychologically.

Cocaine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that is abused for the heightened sense of well-being it creates along with inducing a false sense of increased confidence and enhanced alertness. It is also known as crack or crack cocaine when processed into a crystallized form.

8 ball cocaine isn't a type of cocaine, but an amount of the substance. As we said, this may not seem like a lot of cocaine, but it's enough to overdose on.

What Is 8 Ball Cocaine?

It is essential to be aware that the purchase or sale of illegal drugs is a criminal offense that carries the potential for severe repercussions, including imprisonment. People who are into using and/or selling drugs use terms like "8 Ball cocaine." It is common practice to refer to 1/8 of an ounce, or 3.5 grams, of cocaine as an 8-ball. This is one of the units of measurement that is being used for illegal drugs.

The price of an 8 ball of cocaine can vary widely depending on several factors, such as location and the current supply & demand dynamics. Even DEA agents might have trouble figuring out the standard price for 8 Ball cocaine in a neighborhood. A significant factor that decides the price of 8 ball cocaine is the degree to which the drug has been purified. To increase the product's weight and, consequently, its selling price, most of the drug dealers’ resort to cutting agents such as fentanyl, laundry detergent, and sometimes, even boric acid is used.

Despite the purity levels or the price, 8 ball cocaine remains a dangerous substance to abuse, with a high risk of overdosing, even among people who have been doing drugs for a long time and seem to have developed a level of resistance against the threat of handling high doses of lethal drugs.

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How Did the Term "8 Ball" Get Started?

It is not entirely clear where the term "8-ball" in reference to cocaine became common but it is believed that it originated from a measurement-related fact. An eighth of an ounce of cocaine is about the size of the 8 ball used in the game of pool. In the drug culture of the 1970s and the 1980s, this unit of measurement for illegal drugs rose to prominence.

Since then, the term has evolved into a widely used slang term that refers to the same amount of many drugs. Many people might be curious about the origin of such slang, but drug dealers and drug users frequently refer to such illegally traded substances by their nicknames to avoid grabbing attention.

These days, people call 3.5 grams of drugs an "8 ball" at parties and clubs so that the actual name of the drug is not used.

8 Ball Cocaine: What Are Other Slang Terms for Cocaine?

Cocaine is known by a variety of street names, and these aliases are used to refer to the drug in different contexts and to conceal its use and distribution from law enforcement agencies. This includes:

  • Angel powder

  • Heaven

  • Bump

  • Coke

  • Columbian nose powder

  • Happy dust

  • Snow

  • Speedball (Cocaine mixed with heroin)

  • Base

  • Big Rush

  • Blanca

  • Blow

  • Reindeer dust

  • White powder

  • Stone

  • Line

  • White rock

  • Lady snow

  • Nose candy

Can "8 Ball" Be Used to Refer to Other Drugs?

Yep, "8 ball" is used to refer to drugs other than just cocaine. For instance, it may be used to refer to 1/8 of an ounce of other illegal drugs such as methamphetamine or heroin. Similarly, the term 8-ball may be used to refer to a quantity of cocaine only. A unit of measurement for illegal drugs, the term has also become slang among drug users and dealers. 

You might be curious about the reasons why people use the high amount of cocaine that comes in the 8-ball measurement. When used for recreational purposes, cocaine results in a number of pleasurable effects in the short term. The feel-good hormone dopamine, which is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter in the human brain, is known to help us feel elated and euphoric.

A cocaine user experiences feelings of increased energy. physically and mentally. Just like people crave the natural high associated with higher levels of dopamine, they seek a similar high associated with consuming cocaine. While dopamine amounts can be increased by other activities, cocaine delivers the same type of rush with every dose. However, the cocaine-induced high tends to decrease with time, making the person use the drug in higher amounts. This frequently results in the user developing an addiction.

Because it is such a large quantity, an 8 ball of cocaine is typically consumed by people who have used cocaine before and now need it in a much larger amount. People have even been known to consume the entire dose in a single sitting in an effort to get the most out of the drug's immediate, short-term effects, but this means a high chance of overdosing that can turn lethal. 

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8 Ball Cocaine: How Much Does an 8 Ball of Cocaine Cost?

Addiction is about different kinds of cost. Like any form of substance abuse, cocaine abuse has a serious social, psychological, and mental cost. Using an 8 ball of cocaine can take over a life, start legal trouble, and even cause fatal overdoses.

But what’s the dollar amount of an 8 ball of cocaine?

That’s a hard question to answer. Cocaine dealers aren’t regulated. There’s no price fixing or set prices for cocaine. In the US, there’s a vast variety in how much a gram of cocaine can cost. Most researchers say a gram of coke can run anywhere from $25 to $200, depending on where and when it’s purposed.

For an 8 ball of cocaine, determining the cost isn’t any easier. A study from the Colorado Department of Transportation listed the price of an 8 ball of coke as being between $120 to $300. A study from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime listed cocaine as being priced at $169 a gram in 2010 in the US.

Interestingly, one of the lesser-brought up effects of substance abuse is it’s a real money sink. Many people in drug rehab experience a moment where they realize just how much money was spent in sustaining their habit … and how much money they have now that they’re not spending it on drugs like cocaine.

8 Ball Cocaine: The Risks of Using Cocaine in Large Amounts

Cocaine use, in any amount, can have adverse effects on both a person's physical and mental health. Consuming an 8 ball of cocaine can bring about a number of cocaine side effects, such as:

  • Chest pain

  • Headaches

  • The accelerated beating of the heart 

  • Feeling hot flashes

  • A markedly diminished hunger

  • Elevated blood pressure

  • Narrowing of blood vessels

  • Pupils that are dilated

  • Vomiting 

Cocaine use, especially on a chronic basis, has been linked to a number of serious health issues such as seizures and strokes. Some other repercussions of cocaine use, both moderately and chronically, including the use of an 8 ball, can lead to serious health problems, including the following:

  • Psychosis, along with hallucinating

  • Liver damage

  • Serious lung damage

  • Permanently damaging nasal tissues

  • Mood disorders that need psychiatric help

People with a cocaine addiction unfortunately also have a high risk of an 8-ball of a cocaine overdose. This typically happens when people take more cocaine than their tolerance level permits them to handle at a time. The more tolerance a person has for cocaine, the more of it is required for them to experience the positive effects. This is why 8 ball cocaine overdosing is common in instances of ER visits due to drug overdosing.

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8 Ball Cocaine: Cocaine Withdrawal, Signs, & Symptoms

Withdrawal from cocaine typically does not involve any noticeable physical symptoms, unlike the typical symptoms such as nausea and trembling that is often seen in withdrawal from other drugs like heroin or alcohol. When someone who has used a significant amount of cocaine suddenly cuts back or stops using the drug, there is a strong chance of suffering from cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

Even if the user has not completely stopped using cocaine and still has some of the drugs in the bloodstream, there is still a chance of experiencing some symptoms of cocaine withdrawal.

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms include extreme exhaustion, a lack of pleasure, a heightened state of anxiety, irritability, sleepiness, and occasionally agitation along with paranoia. 

Some of the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal include the following:

  • Anxiety 

  • A suddenly ravenous appetite

  • A shaky, unsettled demeanor

  • An unusual state of depression 

  • Feeling unusually tired, fatigued

  • Nightmares that can be upsetting

  • An uncomfortable feeling all over, making the person unable to concentrate

8 Ball Cocaine: Treating Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms, including cravings and depression, can linger for several months after discontinuing long-term, heavy use. Some people who experience withdrawal symptoms also have an increased risk of having suicidal thoughts.

Such withdrawal symptoms can be limited and better managed if they participate in supervised withdrawal from cocaine. When the person is in a drug rehab facility or a drug detox center, different aspects of the recovery are medically supervised, including withdrawal. Despite this, it is possible that the urges will continue to be strong. In most cases, 8 ball cocaine withdrawal symptoms might vanish after a certain amount of time but the journey can be draining.

When dealing with severe symptoms, it is possible that an inpatient drug rehab treatment program will be more useful in such situations. In a residential setting, various medications might be used to treat the symptoms of the condition. Counseling might also be helpful in breaking the cycle of addiction, especially to help the person deal with intense cravings.

In addition, the individual's well-being and safety can be monitored while they are recovering as long-term crack users can turn dangerous or hostile to others and themselves.

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8 Ball Cocaine: Getting Help for Cocaine Addiction

An 8 ball is a potentially lethal quantity of cocaine and if your loved one has been using cocaine, an 8 ball might be just around the corner. Trying to quit drug use at home is not only extremely challenging and discouraging, but it also has a very high rate of failure due to the high likelihood of experiencing an addiction relapse.

At home, withdrawal symptoms can be very upsetting for the person and the family. Instead, trusting a reputable drug treatment center along with the love and support of a family is a better way to kick cocaine addiction for good and ensure the person is not exposed to potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms.

The path to full recovery and happiness is more likely to be attained at a certified, accredited drug rehab center that handles cases of drug addiction regularly. For people with a long-term addiction to cocaine, professional drug treatment centers can provide behavioral and cognitive therapies, as well as guidance towards additional help like 12-step programs. By participating in such programs, people find better, more effective, and safer alternatives to merely depending on their willpower to defeat the urge to use cocaine again.

In addition, at drug rehab, people can cultivate some supportive relationships that will help them stay sober even when undergoing painful and intensive treatment for cocaine addiction.

8 Ball Cocaine Is Enough to Kill. Why Risk a Cocaine Overdose? Reach Out to The Edge Treatment Center Today

Confronting an addiction to cocaine is never easy. It takes a lot of family participation along with some serious introspection to make someone acknowledge that there is an addiction problem. Drug rehab is the best option for beating cocaine abuse.

The Edge Treatment Center provides expert help in freeing people from cocaine addiction. We'll free you from cocaine abuse by matching you with a trustworthy drug detox center -- we maintain valued relationships with many of the nation's drug detoxification providers. Once you come to our outpatient drug rehab, we'll help you continue your successful work. With us, you'll be able to cultivate every resource and tool you need to leave cocaine abuse behind for good.

Don't risk an 8 ball of cocaine. It's enough coke to be toxic. Contact The Edge Treatment Center today to learn more about our treatment program for cocaine abuse and addiction.

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