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7 Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab Programs

7 Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab Programs

Residential treatment can be life-altering and the best way to start rehab. However, it requires thought and planning. Learn more in our blog!

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August 23, 2022

Every individual is unique, which means individualized treatment plans are the best way to go.

There are many paths to recovery, but one that works for most people is treatment through an inpatient or residential drug treatment program. There are reasons why a residential program might be right for you. 

What Is a Residential Rehab Program?

Residential treatment is just what it sounds like. You go to a rehab facility where you live, eat, and sleep while you receive treatment. You will likely get a variety of treatments while you're in the program, including:

and more.

Residential programs are a good starting place for most people looking to enter recovery. They provide accountability and structure as well as a clean and sober environment with none of the distractions or temptations of your previous environment.

Here are seven reasons why residential treatment may be right for you and your needs. 

#1. The Ability to Focus on Yourself

Joining a residential program allows you to focus on yourself. You get uninterrupted time to disconnect from the outside world. You are able to get away from people and places you associate with substance use. This will help you distance yourself from temptation and peer pressure.

It is important during recovery to have a fresh start. What better way is there to start than moving into a residential treatment program?

#2. Professional Help Through Detox 

Going through withdrawal is tough and should be done in a professional medical setting. Having clinical help through this process increases your success rate. Detox is only the first step to a healthy and sober life. However, this is one of the most important steps because it sets you up for success in recovery. 

Just as you would seek out help for a physical condition, substance use disorder (SUD) requires medical attention. Addiction affects every aspect of your life and should be handled like any other serious health condition.   

#3. Structure for Positive Life Changes 

One of the main differences between inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment programs is the structure. You gain productive, healthy habits with consistent monitoring and carefully planned schedules during residential programs. 

It is especially important to stay busy with healthy and fun activities during the beginning stages of treatment. Continuing to stay busy will get your mind off of life before treatment. During active addiction, you can lose your daily structure. This causes routines to fall apart. 

Having a routine to fall back on can also be comforting. If you can establish daily habits while in treatment, you will be prepared for life outside of treatment. Life can get chaotic, so it is important to have routines in place that decrease overwhelm. 

#4. A Community to Fall Back On 

During residential treatment, you are surrounded by other individuals going through a similar journey to yours. This may help you feel more understood and less alone throughout the process.  Also, everyone around you will be working toward a similar goal which can be extremely motivating. 

Having a community provides a sense of belonging, which can help you all throughout life. Making connections during residential treatment will give you something positive to look back on that came from such unfortunate circumstances.

Here at The Edge Treatment Center, we value community highly and make sure to prioritize this through group activities. Some of the activities include beach parties, paddle boarding, exploring the coast, and other fun communal outings. This community can help you create long-term relationships that you hold onto for a lifetime. 

#5. Consistent Therapy and Counseling 

Recovering from addiction requires much work from within. One of the major benefits of residential treatment is access to counseling every single day. 

Understanding SUD and working to heal its root causes for you can be difficult. However, having a professional help you understand these feelings can help dramatically. We all need help sometimes, and what better way to receive help than from clinical professionals? 

Over time, you and your therapist or counselor will be able to develop a plan to overcome your addiction for good. 

#6. Residential Programs Treat a Wide Range of Disorders 

Residential programs usually treat a wide variety of co-occurring mental health disorders and offer many different types of treatment for SUD and mental health simultaneously.

Types of treatment that can be offered in residential treatment centers include: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT

  • Individual psychotherapy 

  • Group therapy 

  • Family therapy 

  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT

Having these different types of therapy to choose from can help you find the treatment most suited to your individual needs. 

#7. A Calming Environment to Aid in Treatment 

Joining a residential program can be a huge transition from home life. Sometimes there can be stress or chaos at home that only makes SUD worse. Starting a residential treatment program gives you a calm, stable environment to recover. While it might seem selfish to need to get away, it is okay to be selfish when it comes to your health and well-being. This is especially true because often your SUD has ripple effects on those closest to you, and it's not selfish to take time for yourself when getting treatment will also help your loved ones.

Find Residential Drug Rehab Treatment Today with The Edge Treatment Center

Choosing residential treatment can be beneficial in many different ways, depending on the individual and their needs. Here at The Edge Treatment Center, we create individualized treatment plans for each individual to ensure the highest quality of care. Residential treatment is just one stepping stone to a long road to recovery.

While we are an outpatient program, we will match you with world-class residential drug rehab care … and we’ll be with you when you’re ready to enter outpatient.

We’ll guide you in the best direction. Contact The Edge Treatment Center today to learn more.

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