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5 Things to Look For in a Good Treatment Center

5 Things to Look For in a Good Treatment Center

Finding a good treatment center means looking for qualities that work to create a supportive atmosphere and personalized approach to recovery.

Not all treatment is the same, and there can be many variances between one treatment center and another.

The first step you take in your journey to sobriety can dictate many prevailing attitudes and perspectives throughout your recovery process. Having an effective treatment center is crucial for creating the best start to your sober efforts. 

Finding the right rehab facility for you (or your loved one) is paramount for your success in everything from the program itself to graduating as an alumnus to embracing the attitudes and practices outside of its walls.

Need a Good Treatment Center? Here Are 5 Features You Need

While each individual’s needs will be different, a few hallmarks to look for in a good treatment center can create the best atmosphere for your journey to sobriety ahead.

#1. Specialty Focuses

Each journey with addiction and mental health is unique, and it is important to find a treatment center that can directly address your unique needs throughout the process. While generalized education and treatment can be effective for tackling the grander aspects of recovery, your experience with healing will be an intimate, personal journey.

Having specialized staff —like detox specialists, therapists, doctors with addiction-specific credentials, and more — available that can address your unique struggles and vulnerabilities is crucial and can add a necessary degree of additional perspective and guidance.

For some, this can mean finding a place that can address dual diagnosis and is equipped to address both their mental health concerns and substance use in tandem, while others may look to find an LGBTQIA+-friendly treatment space to engage in recovery.

#2. Amenities

Due to the tumultuous nature of recovery, it is important to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Difficult emotions and the stress of change can be challenging to navigate and having the proper amenities can alleviate some of this stress. For those in residential or sober living, this can mean ensuring that your bed is comfortable and that essentials like heat and running water are readily available.

However, comfort and availability of amenities also extend far beyond this basic level.

Effective treatment centers will also have amenities available for various other reasons. Designated, comfortable meeting spaces for individual and group therapy sessions; office spaces to keep up with your professional obligations while still experiencing a supportive, sober space; access to gym equipment, art supplies, and nutritional food; and common areas for community time are all incredibly important.

A comfortable environment can also be extended to the use of comforting spaces, either by ensuring that you are exposed to natural light, natural and serene imagery, or any other features that promote this necessary comfort and safety while in treatment.

#3. An Impactful Community

A sense of community and belonging is crucial throughout recovery. Recovery is a transformative time that can be riddled with uncertainty and vulnerability. Additionally, addiction and mental health disorders can leave you feeling isolated in your struggles.

Access to a positive, welcoming community is paramount for breaking down barriers and finding a place of belonging, and this sense of community comes both within and outside of your treatment center.

Your peers and professionals within a treatment facility carry a great influence over your recovery journey, and creating a welcoming, open, and safe space is paramount. If you do not feel as if you can open up in these settings, your recovery progress can be stunted. Being encouraged to share your strengths and express vulnerability is crucial while creating a positive atmosphere looking toward the future.

The community outside the walls of a treatment facility is just as impactful. Larger towns or cities that support your sober ambitions, either through lifestyle or culture, will continue to bolster your sober decisions. The presence of community groups, sports leagues, and the like all create a supportive and important sense of community.

#4. Access to Multiple Recovery Options

Recovery is a highly individualized process, and it is necessary to explore new options and pivot your recovery plan depending on what is most effective. Effective treatment facilities will be able to address these needs and create a flexible atmosphere that can maintain effective practices while exploring new options for you as needed. Between a variety of therapeutic outlets, the use of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) programs, 12-Step programs, and other personalized plans, access to a consistent influx of new options is crucial for effective treatment.

#5. Time for Individualized Care

Group therapy is a common practice throughout healing, but it is still vital to have access to one-on-one time with professionals to address your unique needs. Access to professionals, private sessions, and time to sit down and work through your personal struggles makes for the most effective treatment.

Treatment centers with smaller professional-to-client ratios and dedicated time for personalized treatment ensure that you are not just seen for your struggles but also as a real person beneath your daily battles. This kind of personalization and care is important for feeling like a part of a larger community while getting the help and care you as a unique individual need to achieve and sustain sobriety.

The Edge Treatment Center is prepared to help you address your battle with addiction and mental health disorders today. Our treatment center prides itself on a personalized approach to each individual, complete with a flexible program with many therapeutic options.

From detox to partial hospitalization and outpatient programs, we can guide you each step of the way as you integrate yourself into our supportive community of professionals and peers. For more information on how we can personalize your first step to recovery, contact us today.

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