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Drug Detox Near Lancaster, CA

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Drug Detox Near Lancaster, CA

According to the Strategic Plan, published in April 2018 by The Lancaster County D&A Commission, Opioid-related deaths in the US increased by 500% per capita between 1999 and 2016. 

Lancaster, California, has a rich past, especially regarding transportation. Many families have shifted to this region as the transport hubbub has created opportunities in various industries.

Regrettably, Lancaster has also been badly affected by the countrywide opioid epidemic. Because of its proximity to Los Angeles and ease of access by all means of transportation, some population groups in Lancaster are more susceptible to drug abuse and the problems which come along with it. Although drugs and alcohol negatively impact Lancaster homes, schools, and society as a whole, this issue with drug abuse is reversible. 

Acknowledging the existence of the disease and creating suitable treatment plans is a major step in getting rid of the overwhelming growth of alcohol and drug abuse. Addiction is a disease as serious as diabetes or cancer and must be treated as such. Treatment options – such as a drug detox center -- in Lancaster are widely available and must be utilized as soon as the symptoms of addiction are recognized. 

Locating Detox Centers Near Lancaster

There are many drug detox centers across California and Lancaster, but when searching for a drug detox center, be sure that you have a basic understanding of the type of clinical care and drug rehab facilities you are likely to find. For this, you need to identify your needs first.

For example, are you looking at a quick detox followed by some supervision/continued care at home, or are you struggling with a longer-term addiction that needs a few days of hospitalization followed by supporting therapies for mood or anxiety management?

Having clear answers to such questions is essential to make a well-informed decision when choosing a drug detox center near Lancaster. A few things that you should know:

Partial Hospitalization

Is often needed for people who need more than a basic level of clinical care upfront, followed by a detox program and little aftercare. For such requirements, try to find a drug detox center near Lancaster that does not insist on an inpatient detox, as you might not need weeks of stay at the rehab facility. Increasingly, outpatient programs across the country have started offering hospitalization support services, creating the perfect blend of outpatient programs and medical contingency management.

Medical Drug Detox

This is a better choice than trying home detox kits that present a major risk with negligible help for any emergency that might come up due to a severe withdrawal reaction. Medical drug detox may not always need inpatient care. It might also be managed via outpatient drug detox, where prescription medications are provided in the detox aftercare phase. If any side effects emerge as the withdrawal sets in, a good detox center in Lancaster should be able to provide clinical assistance.

A good medical detox program at a drug detox center will create personalized medication schedules and clarify how the medications should be tapered.

Past Drug Detox Experiences

if you had tried alcohol or drug detox before but failed, you need to share this when evaluating a drug detox center. Though it is nothing to feel discouraged about, an unsuccessful drug detox attempt might mean that you need a higher level of care, as staying sober just after completing drug detox is difficult for you.

In addition, sharing such experiences gives you a better chance of finding a more suitable inpatient, outpatient, or residential program at a drug detox center. Talking about earlier drug detox experiences also provides insight into typical drug detox challenges for an individual.

For instance, some people might not feel nauseous during withdrawal, but they might develop extreme irritability that puts them in an awkward spot at home or the workplace.

Psychological Support

If you foresee having a hard time finding the motivation to continue with the prescribed withdrawal management medication, behavior therapies, or group sessions, seek a drug detox center near Lancaster that provides comprehensive post-detox support to maintain a healthier state of mind and some discipline for staying sober. Some people might need popular therapies like CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy which helps people via a reflective approach. This helps people identify their self-destructive behaviors, helping them overcome unhealthy patterns developed through substance abuse.

Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders, are common in addiction cases. If you have been diagnosed with any medical health condition, such as anxiety or depression, you need additional care since the symptoms of a mental health issue are co-existing with the substance use disorder. Again, when finalizing a drug detox center near Lancaster, ensure you discuss such problems with the admission in charge or the counselor who makes first contact with you during the evaluation process.

What Is Drug Detox?

The first stage of addiction treatment is drug detox, also known as drug detoxification. Addiction or dependence occurs when the body gets acclimated to consistently elevated levels of addictive chemicals, making the person believe that they are only acting appropriately when the substance is consumed.

The person who has become addicted to drugs will face uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms after stopping their drug use, which can be fatal if no drug detox procedures are taken. Proper drug detox therapy effectively removes all toxins from a person's body. It must be carried out systematically and will depend on the drug or substance to which they have been addicted. The techniques involved in this process may be risky.

A healthcare provider at a drug detox center must, therefore, determine the amount of time needed for weaning off. People who detox from drugs at home risk doing so too quickly or too slowly, threatening their health and lives. Withdrawal symptoms persist until the body, with the aid of drug detoxification, eliminates the toxins left over from drug usage. 

Some of the common symptoms of withdrawal are:

  • Nervousness

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Mood swings

  • Inability to focus/pay attention

  • Irritation

  • Increased heart rate

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Hallucinations

  • Seizures

  • High blood pressure

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Lack of appetite

  • Fever

  • Headaches

As hard as withdrawal symptoms can be, a drug detox center will make drug withdrawal far easier, more comfortable, and much safer than taking the “cold turkey” approach or using a drug detox kit.

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How Long Does Drug Detox Last?

The length of a drug detox program at a drug detox center might vary depending on several parameters, including the amount of time spent abusing substances and the kind of chemicals used during that time. For instance, treating the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism or drugs like benzodiazepines might take much longer than detoxing from marijuana.

The length of drug detox at a drug detox center depends on many variables. The amount of time needed is decided by the amount of time required to regulate withdrawal symptoms, any adverse side effects of the detox, and the amount of time needed to remove harmful toxins from the patient's body.

Depending on several variables, such as substance addiction, severity, consistency, comorbidities, and so forth, the duration might last between a few days and several months. Rapid detox has recently gained popularity, but not everyone who uses it to transition to more intensive addiction treatment will find it the best option. In contrast to conventional detox procedures, rapid detox aims to remove the addictive substance from the patient's system faster.

The rapid detox process also carries certain risks, and more studies need to be done on its effectiveness. It’s wise to remember that drug detox isn’t a race; drug detox at a drug detox center lasts as long as it needs to.

What Happens During Drug Detox?

Although drug detox quality and intensity may differ at different drug detox centers, most if not every drug detox center near Lancaster follows the same three steps. These steps are:


During this phase, a medical practitioner assesses the patient's body and gets an insight into their physical and mental well-being. By doing tests, clinical professionals at a drug detox center can better comprehend the patient's psychological and physical profile as well as their level of addiction. In addition, these tests establish how much alcohol or drugs are present in the patient's system.


After the medical process of drug detoxification is over, stabilizing the patient is necessary. In this phase, doctors recommend appropriate doses of medication and therapy to help patients manage withdrawal symptoms while they’re at a drug detox center. 


The last but not least step in the drug detox process is aftercare and supervision. Patients must follow guidelines and enroll in a long-term drug rehab. This will help prevent relapse and lead them to complete recovery. Patients must be constantly supervised during this phase to ensure they have not started abusing drugs again. 

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How to Choose Drug Detox in Lancaster

The state of California, undoubtedly, has many drug rehab facilities. But the challenging part is deciding which treatment centers would be the best fit for you. It is essential to select a practice that caters to your individual needs and uses a combination of medication and therapy to treat addiction.

Can I Afford Drug Detox in Lancaster?

Although estimating the precise cost of drug detox in a city or county may be challenging, you should learn more about the variables that frequently influence the cost across the country. Occasionally, drug detox is part of a drug detox center program, and a health insurance plan may cover the entire program—many elements of drug detox are included in health insurance coverage.

However, until you have confirmed this by consulting with your insurance and the drug detox center you’re looking for, there is no surefire way to know. A state, a family, or an employer could provide the insurance.

There are certain variations across drug detox centers in addition to the restrictions related to the plan for paying the cost of drug detox. For instance, the length of the detox program may be determined by how severe the addiction is, which would impact the overall costs.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Detox in Lancaster?

Most health insurances cover the cost of treatment for mental disorders and substance abuse. But there are a variety of variables that determine how much of your treatment at a drug detox center your insurance will cover, including:

  • The kind of drug detox center you have chosen

  • The kind of substance you have abused 

  • The actual cost of the entire treatment program at the drug detox center

  • The health coverage a policy offers, and more

Another important point to note is that the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) requires that all private health insurance policies cover substance addiction rehab and treatment to the same extent that they cover other medical conditions.

What Happens After Drug Detox?

Drug detox is the first step to beating addiction and living a better life. After drug detox at a drug detox center, maintaining this lifestyle without relapsing into old substance use habits might be difficult. Most patients who are serious about defeating addiction participate in a comprehensive treatment program after their detoxification sessions. Effective drug rehab treatment must address the patient's physical, mental, social, and legal difficulties

The paths that various people take toward sobriety are unique to them. The goal of addiction treatment or drug rehab programs is to assist a person in leading a life devoid of cravings for alcohol or other drugs. In addition, these drug rehab programs help people regulate their withdrawal symptoms and adjust to new social settings.

Recovery is not the same as being relapse-free. The success of the treatment can still be affirmed even if the patient resumes their old behaviors. Therefore, a change in the therapy strategy that concentrates on the causes of the patient's relapse is needed.

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Best Drug Detox Center Near Lancaster

For some people, the symptoms of withdrawal might seem too painful. This is when apart from the medications and routine observation, the person also needs a supportive environment for at least a few weeks. Medical experts believe that a higher level of clinical expertise is required to control withdrawal severity. While there might be many Lancaster drug detox centers, not every facility can promise the type of compassionate care needed for someone who needs constant guidance to overcome a longstanding addiction. Inpatient and residential rehab programs are better suited for such requirements.

The Edge Treatment Center will help you find a reputable, trustworthy drug detox center that meets your needs. Although we’re an outpatient drug rehab, we’ll be your companions throughout the entire recovery process, guiding you through the difficult early stages of recovery to a happier life free from drug and alcohol addiction.

Substance abuse is treatable. Contact The Edge Treatment Center today to learn more.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, there is hope. Our team can guide you on your journey to recovery. Call us today.