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Drug Detox Centers Near San Mateo, CA

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Drug Detox Centers Near San Mateo, CA

Viral illnesses like hepatitis or AIDS are significantly more likely to be acquired by drug misuse, and drug misuse negatively alters the course of contagious diseases and their symptoms. – [National Center of Drug Abuse Statistics]

San Mateo, between Silicon Valley and the larger San Francisco Bay region, provides quick access to several of California's most popular spots. San Mateo is the perfect place to call home for anybody searching for a centralized location close to many of California's most vibrant locales. It's a medium-sized coastline city with a small population.

Alas, San Mateo's proximity to the Bay region does not shield its citizens from the ill impacts of alcohol and drug abuse. Drug overdoses caused 181 fatalities throughout San Mateo six years ago. Among the substances that cause the most opioid killings is heroin, with fatalities related to heroin increasing statewide by 67 percent in the past sixteen years.

Although it's common, few people know that anybody can develop a substance abuse problem. Misuse of drugs or alcohol is not gender- or socioeconomic-based. Yet, there is optimism, even if Californians are struggling with the substance addiction pandemic. Drug detox centers in California and around San Mateo provide services to people trying to beat addiction. Read ahead to get a detailed view of drug detox, including tips for searching for the best drug detox center in San Mateo, affordability for drug detox, types of a San Mateo drug detox program, and more.

Glancing at Drug Detox Centers Near San Mateo

As a response to its substance abuse concerns, San Mateo has established many new drug detox centers in addition to those already there. A drug detox center is a form of addiction treatment facility where the patient receives therapy and medication from qualified health personnel in a carefully monitored setting.  Most San Mateo drug detox centers are well-equipped and use cutting-edge cures to help patients.

These drug detox centers offer psychological care for patients' relatives and dear ones in addition to medicated-assisted treatment. Patients at drug detox centers near San Mateo have two alternatives:

  • Residential drug detox therapy, sometimes known as an inpatient treatment program

  • Outpatient drug detox treatment options allow patients to remain at home and continue working while undergoing care.

Apart from these two programs, partially hospitalized drug detox is also an opportunity for people unwilling to spend the nighttime at an inpatient drug detox center.

What Is Drug Detox?

The natural process of eliminating a drug from the system is known as drug detox. A specialized drug detox program, also known as medically controlled withdrawal, entails the administration of a variety of treatments (such as prescribed medication as well as other therapies) to handle the side effects of substance withdrawal safely.

Here is a list of typical drug withdrawals you may face:

  • Rapid pulse

  • Hallucinations

  • Goosebumps

  • Irritability

  • Slowed thoughts and movements

People are more likely to become physically dependent on a substance over time if they use it routinely and repeatedly. This is because the body's natural response to the presence of a narcotic is a physical addiction, and once established; the body becomes dependent on the drug to keep operating. Thus, it's imperative to lose the drugs from your system through drug detox.

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How Long Does Drug Detox Last?

Your situation decides the length of your detox. The medical staff works with you to create a treatment plan that suits you best.  

Factors that influence the timeline are:

  • The type of drug or drugs you were using

  • The amount of the drug required to feel high

  • Whether there are underlying physical or psychological health conditions

  • Your gender and age

  • Your medical history and overall health 

  • How frequent was your drug usage before you sought treatment

Detoxing from drugs can take a few days or even a few weeks. However, most people typically get beyond the worst withdrawal symptoms after the first few weeks. Then, they can dive further into alternative therapies without constant assistance from healthcare experts to manage withdrawal symptoms.

What Happens During Drug Detox?

Drug detox is a preliminary milestone on the road to addiction healing. Through the detoxification process, your body eliminates a lot of the poisons it has been ingesting. You would be evaluated, the treatment plan would be updated to suit you, and you would then be moved into treatment. The detoxification process would, however, be accompanied by a high prevalence of drug withdrawal symptoms and adverse effects. 

These adverse withdrawal effects include:

  • Jitters

  • Sweating

  • Irregular pulse

  • Hypertension

  • Body pain

  • Concentration difficulty

  • Mood disturbances

Sometimes, methods like cold turkey and drug detox kits can be fatal since withdrawal symptoms from substances like alcohol and benzodiazepines can include seizures, organ failure, and more. This is one of the primary reasons why drug detox at home is not a doctor's suggestion.

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How to Choose Drug Detox in San Mateo

By conducting a Google search for "drug detox near me," people of San Mateo can construct a list of the closest drug detox centers, compare drug detox services, and read patient reviews. This exercise will make it easier for everyone who lives in or around San Mateo to pick a drug detox center near San Mateo that suits their needs. Of course, another smart move is to physically visit or call a drug detox center and speak with the supervisor there.

It can be mind-numbing to consider having to browse drug detox centers near San Mateo when living with an addiction. Nevertheless, help is constantly accessible.

Can I Afford Drug Detox in San Mateo?

If you're concerned about the cost of drug detox centers in San Mateo, you should know that it often follows a state-set pattern where the price of healthcare and the total cost of health insurance determines how much people pay for detox services. For instance, medical care costs are generally greater in states on the US east coast, but there are exceptions. Fortunately, California offers a wide range of affordable solutions with assistance from the state and federal governments.

It's mandatory to know the following to understand the price of a drug detox center near San Mateo deeply:

  • Type of detox program you choose: Based on a person's history of use, the severity of addiction, and overall medical condition, an inpatient or outpatient drug detox center is recommended. Any treatment that needs a residential stay for more than a few days is likely to cost more than outpatient detox, where the person must visit the drug detox center for just a few hours every day without around-the-clock supervision.

  • Type of services offered by the drug detox center: A professionally managed drug detox center that has the preparedness, staff, and supplies for navigating an emergency that can sometimes happen with long-term substance users might charge more than a drug detox center that does not offer medical detox, post-detox support, or comprehensive guidance to support sobriety after exiting the drug detox facility.

  • Type of health insurance you have: Thankfully, San Mateo has the option of an HMO (health maintenance organization plan) plan. Whether employer-sponsored health insurance or a personally sponsored program for the entire family, you should always be aware of the out-of-pocket expenses.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Detox in San Mateo?

Health insurance is now a practical and well-liked payment method for a drug detox program.

People have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which mandates that health insurance policies cover alcohol and drug addiction. For inpatient alcohol addiction treatment in California, you can qualify for disability insurance. However, confirming your insurer's coverage is advisable before starting therapy. For someone who has been abusing substances for even more than 2 decades, some insurance companies may only pay for inpatient treatment for up to one month, which may seem insufficient.

Some insurance providers base their coverage decisions on the kind of drug condition being managed.

Each detox center would have a distinct co-payment from the insurance company. Your insurer might partially cover an out-of-network institution. While some insurance providers may fully cover detoxification and addiction treatment, others provide maximum coverage with somewhat higher deductions. Find out from your insurer whether drug detox is covered; some may not. Keep in consideration the site of your drug detox center as well, as this could affect whether or not your insurer accepts drug detox.

Usually, a good drug detox center near San Mateo can finance care through insurers. 

What Happens After Drug Detox?

After a stay at a drug detox center, the patient is gradually but consistently able to get off the prescribed pills to lessen the detox withdrawal symptoms. This entails slowly reducing the medication as per a post-detox dosing schedule.

Also, several options you have after drug detox are:

  • Going back home: This is normal, but it is typically not smart. People who go home following detox not only have a higher chance of relapsing, but they frequently go undergo the detox program more than once before deciding to enroll in a residential addiction recovery program. In addition, some patients may benefit from outpatient addiction therapy but retaining sobriety following detox is a complex job.

  • You can move to a residential addiction treatment center: Certain detox institutions always advise this choice, regardless of the severity of the patient's substance abuse issue. The demanding schedule and budget of inpatient care can make it challenging to maintain participation. However, inpatient therapy offers patients extensive medical services and aids in developing coping mechanisms and relapse avoidance techniques essential for a long-term clean life.

  • You can relocate to a sober living home: This might be a helpful alternative for individuals dealing with minor drug consumption disorders. For patients who desire the maximum chance of sobriety but don't prefer feeling as though they are undergoing intense clinical settings and care, a sobriety home is a great middle ground. The individual can participate in individual or extensive outpatient counseling while residing in a sober home.

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Best Drug Detox Center Near San Mateo

Every drug detox center is built differently. Every drug detox center near San Mateo tends to have different specialties. For instance, some drug detox centers might not be able to handle cases where substance abuse has lasted for years with a long history of multiple relapses. Such facilities might not have the clinical expertise to treat and prevent near-fatal withdrawal symptoms among people with severe substance abuse.

When choosing a drug detox center in San Mateo, ensure the staff has the credentials to provide the type of rehab care you seek. A better way to choose a relevant treatment center for your addiction-related challenge is to establish that the proposed rehab facility measures the detox program's success just like you perceive it–are you aiming for a significant reduction in the frequency of use, or are you serious about giving up the addiction for good?

Once you have established which type of drug detox center near San Mateo is right for you and the treatment goals are defined, dig deeper into the cost of the detox and ways to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. If this means seeking recommendations from people in the local community or reaching out to people who have ever undergone addiction treatment, don't be apprehensive about seeking help. Feel assured that many good drug detox centers in and around San Mateo can provide the type of care you desire.

Among the many drug rehabs near San Mateo, The Edge Treatment Center has been able to stand apart with its wide range of addiction treatments. We’ll help you find an effective, reliable drug detox center near San Mateo to start your journey through recovery. Once that’s complete, we’ll help you through your recovery journey until you have the tools you need to build a life free from addiction.

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