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Drug Detox Centers Near Costa Mesa, CA

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Drug Detox Centers Near Costa Mesa, CA

Six percent of adults in the United States aged above 12 misuse prescription drugs each year. – [National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics]

The sunny city of Costa Mesa, located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, offers a fantastic life quality just a short drive from some stunning Californian beaches and the Pacific Ocean. When the city was first founded in 1953, it was still a semi-rural agricultural hamlet. Now, it’s a part of suburban Orange County. It has a thriving arts and culture scene and fantastic shopping and fashion.

Even a suburban city such as Costa Mesa alcohol and drug substance abuse issues. Anyone from any ethnicity can be impacted by alcohol and drug abuse, which can happen anywhere across the nation. Per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, alcohol and drug abuse ends up costing the US economy over $500 billion annually in lost work productivity, crime, and medical expenses [NIDA].

The first step to recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is finding a drug detox center near Costa Mesa.

Discovering Drug Detox Centers Near Costa Mesa

The time to select a treatment plan that best suits your needs is after you've made the initial move of admitting that you want assistance with your alcohol or drug addiction. In some contexts, patients begin their treatment with a stay-in program before moving on to an outpatient program, a partially hospitalized program, and recovery gatherings. Before starting a rehabilitation program, extensive detoxification may be required in some situations.

Drug detox near Costa Mesa means having the option of two types of drug detox center:

  • Inpatient Drug Detox Center: Residential therapies are the best option when you require 24-hour assistance. These programs specialize in providing extensive treatment for drug dependence or alcoholism, regardless of whether you select a long therapy that lasts for a year or a brief program that lasts six weeks. In addition, residents frequently have access to healthcare professionals, including physicians and psychiatrists, that specialize in treating co-occurring illnesses, including mental health problems and addiction disorders.

  • Outpatient Drug Detox Center: The duration and level of care you have throughout outpatient therapy vary. As this doesn’t have overnight accommodation or round-the-clock care and monitoring, this form of a drug detox program is more appropriate for individuals with a strong support network or a less severe addiction.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is a process where addictive substances leave the body in a safe, controlled manner. While a drug detox center makes this process as safe and as comfortable as possible, it can still be a challenging experience due to withdrawal symptoms.

People begin to suffer withdrawal symptoms by being without addictive drugs for a given amount of time. The body yearns for more medication. When the medicine is not given, the brain could enter overdrive and exhibit symptoms that are drastically different from those caused by the drug. Symptoms and signs might last long after a user stops misusing, but they frequently start immediately. Drug detox refers to the time during which a person abstains from a specific drug in an attempt to cleanse their body of the toxins connected to drug abuse.

If allowed enough time, detoxification will occur naturally, but doctors can speed up the process by using some medications to treat withdrawal symptoms. Although every person is unique and may need a different strategy, some commonalities in detox durations apply to most people.

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How Long Does Drug Detox Last?

Drugs have varying impacts on your body and brain and can cause diverse withdrawal symptoms.

Stimulants like amphetamines and cocaine enter and exit the bloodstream rapidly. As a result, the high usually does not last long, and dependency trends frequently involve overdosing on the drug.

On the other hand, consider benzodiazepines. Medications in this class of prescription drugs include Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin. A person could experience their most severe withdrawal symptoms within an initial couple of weeks in treatment. Patients can anticipate experiencing increased anxiousness, sleeplessness, headache, stress, dizziness, trouble focusing, elevated blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat as common side effects.

Individuals can anticipate a major crash post a consistent pattern of using drugs which could last multiple hours or even several days. The early detox period can last a minimum of three weeks for most drug users. Symptoms could include extreme psychological urges, nervousness, distress, increased appetite, extreme tiredness, paranoia, and more during this period.

However, it must be said again: detoxing from drugs at a professional drug detox center near Costa Mesa makes withdrawal symptoms far easier to manage. You’ll be kept comfortable and safe as addictive substances leave your system.

What Happens During Drug Detox?

Health experts at a drug detox center must first understand the individual's medical and psychological history to start drug detox. The individual must then undergo specific tests to accurately assess their level of addiction and the quantity of unwanted chemical substances in their bodies. This assessment provides clinical professionals at a drug detox center with a clear picture of the patient’s condition, allowing them to prescribe therapies and medications tailored to their specific needs.

Patients have also been strongly advised counseling and group therapies to help them stabilize their mental health, as withdrawal symptoms can tax the body and the mind. This ensures that there will be no relapses in the future and that recovery will be long-term.

During a drug detox program, a person is frequently observed experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Sweating

  • High temperature

  • Bone and muscle aches

  • Unpleasant dreams

  • Fatigue

  • Runny nose

  • A blood pressure increase

  • Difficulty in concentration

  • Confusion

During the detox procedure, some patients may become delirious or have seizures. Medication is given to control these symptoms; however, no medicine has been proven to prevent them; however, they can certainly ease the withdrawal process. A clinically supervised detox is thus advised rather than a drug detox at home.

After the patient has become intimately familiar with the procedure, they are oriented to aftercare to avoid re-occurrence.

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How to Choose Drug Detox in Costa Mesa

Like most services, most searches for a drug detox center near Costa Mesa begin online. Entering “drug detox center near Costa Mesa,” “detox centers near me,” or “drug detox near me” are all good ways to find a drug detox center.

Once you have a compilation of the detox centers, a smart move would be to quickly check the reviews of each institution and visit their websites to contact them and ask about accreditation and payment facilities.

Also, consider talking to a drug rehab. Their staff are happy to guide you in the right direction when you’re looking for a drug detox center.

A good detox center in Costa Mesa would personalize a care plan for you and give you and your family the mental support you need to fight addiction. In addition, the best drug detox center would provide you with trained professionals, advanced equipment to treat your addiction, and compassionate care.

Can I Afford a Drug Detox in Costa Mesa?

Countless treatment centers provide free programs as well as payment plan options. People without health insurance can also take advantage of state-funded programs. The type of treatment facility you choose can answer the question of how affordable drug detox in Costa Mesa will be. There are both private and state-funded drug detox facilities available.

Private treatment centers provide luxury amenities but are more expensive than public ones. Specialized treatment can also be priced on the higher side compared to a basic drug detox plan. There are rehabs with residential facilities and on-site staff, which would raise treatment costs, but an outpatient treatment plan would be less expensive.

Before making a treatment decision, discussing your options with your health insurer or checking your eligibility for government-funded treatment programs is best. This will give you a more accurate picture of your drug detox expenses.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Detox in Costa Mesa?

Multiple factors influence insurance coverage for Costa Mesa drug detox. For example, disclosure about a specific drug consumed may influence whether or not the insurer is willing to cover the cost of treatment. If you choose a treatment center that is not in your insurer's network, the cost of your drug detox may not be fully covered or may not be covered at all. Some insurance companies are willing to cover the entire cost of treatment, while others may only cover the bare minimum and require slightly higher deductibles. Some insurance companies may refuse to cover drug detox at all.

A few insurers may refuse to cover drug detox at all. Those that readily cover a drug detox may also have varying co-payment systems depending on the type of drug detox center used. Before deciding on a program, it is best to consult with your insurer. Speaking with your insurance company will also provide you with clarity on the costs that they cover.

What Happens After Drug Detox?

Just after a drug detox, the patient often participates in psychotherapy and group therapies, which are advantageous because they help educate the individual on how to restrict their cravings for the drug to which they are addicted and prevent the addiction from relapsing. After the detox program, a patient is constantly monitored by medical professionals because withdrawal symptoms are expected at this stage, so it is essential first to control them with medications and then gradually taper the patient off the drug by decreasing the dosage of the medication prescribed.

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Drug Detox Center Near Costa Mesa 

Services at drug detox facilities are specially created to assist in managing the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting using substance abuse. Numerous people need medical supervision and treatment. In extreme circumstances, you can require emergency care while undergoing medical detox. You can select outpatient or residential detox facilities based on your dependency level.

The ideal drug detox facility for you or a member of your family is the one that goes out of its way to give you the information you need to understand how the detox will be carried out and what the support is for unforeseen obstacles. In addition, the type of cooperation provided for effectively completing detox despite prior rehab failures, managing the post-detox phase, and assistance in the transition to thorough addiction treatment should be a significant factor in deciding which detox facility to use.

It can be wiser to visit the potential drug detox center in person and get information rather than solely relying on online evaluations and searches for nearby facilities.

When people are asked about quitting drugs or alcohol, they often refer to recovery as being about abstinence—however, this is not true. The ability to resist the urge to drink or smoke for a few days is not on par with being treated. Recovery is a longer, more complex process. It needs clinical professionals.

There is every likelihood of coming across unexpected challenges; some are serious enough to create a mental breakdown or take an irreparable toll on the families. If you’re searching for a drug detox center near Costa Mesa, The Edge Treatment Center will aid you in finding a drug detox center for your needs and budget. Our expert staff will ensure your first steps into recovery are the very best possible.

When you are ready to attend our outpatient drug rehab, we’ll continue to build on your successes in drug detox, helping you build a new life free from substance abuse.

Contact The Edge Treatment Center today to learn more about help finding a drug detox center, long-lasting recovery, and more.

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