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Actiq is a brand name for fentanyl, an extremely powerful opioid pain medication. Usually prescribed for severe cancer-related pain, Actiq comes in a unique lollipop form intended for oral use. 

While fentanyl’s potency makes it ideal for treating severe pain, it also makes it a highly dangerous drug to abuse. Even small amounts of fentanyl can be addictive, particularly when abused. It’s easy to underestimate Actiq because of how it looks. 

Additionally, most fentanyl purchased on the street is made in clandestine underground labs and then smuggled into the US, meaning there’s no guarantee of safety when it’s used. 

According to research, there are nearly 50,000 deaths each year in the US related to opioids. Much of those deaths are due to fentanyl abuse. Detoxing from fentanyl must be done in a clinical detox environment to be safe and effective.

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